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Curious – Episode 3



After rolling for hours,Adanna gets up from her bed and walking on tip toe not to wake her husband, she goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

After placing her glass in the sink, she walks to the dinning room and
switching on the lights she sits on a chair,looking up the clock she realise the time is 4:30 am and she has been up all night.

How could she have slept when every time she closes her eyes images of her husband lusting after another woman keeps creeping into her mind and when she
thinks of how perfect the lady’s body was she just feels jealous all over again.

Different thoughts keep coming into her head,is her husband just like other men who lust and chase after ladies outside their matrimonial homes. She stands up and goes to stand by the glass looking outside lost in
her thoughts.

With loud music playing in the background,
Adams is trying to finish this mural he started but just can’t seem to get it right.

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After many trials with no avail,he drops his brush and walks to his balcony to receive some fresh air and to think about what to do to bring his art together since he was already behind his schedule and had to work fast, he was still thinking when a movement from his next door neighbour caught his attention.

Turning his focus to it,he realise its his
new neighbour’s wife,he had seen them earlier when they were moving in yesterday.

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The lady probably did not know that she was like a billboard to him since the area she was standing by was just glass. He wanted to remove his eyes since she was just wearing a transparent nighties and he could see
that she wore nothing underneath but there was something about her that just held his eyes spellbound to her.

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The lights behind her just made her seem like an angel who was looking after a love one,she looked so far away
in her thoughts but at the same time so close.

If only he had the foresight to bring his sketchpad and pencil he would have made a sketch of her right
now. Her legs seems to go on forever, she had that diva look with a touch
of innocence that draws you like a magnet to her.

Adanna was still lost in thoughts when she started feeling like she was
being watched,she quickly looked around and then suddenly her eyes locked
with another pair of eyes from the house beside her.

She was startled for a second and then realising her state of UnCloth she moved her hands to wrap
around herself and studying the person whose eyes held hers, she could tell he was male but it was too dark for her to really see him so she stepped back and turned off the lights.

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She went straight to her bed where her
dreams were filled with thoughts of the man in the Shadow.
“Good morning honey, how was your night?”
“It was great, just be patient your breakfast will be ready in five minutes”
“Thanks babe,but I can’t wait, there is this conference meeting with the board of directors and I still need to prepare my speech. I will see you when I come back home in the evening”
“OK dear,have a nice day at work”

Adanna stood at the door and watched as her husband drove out of their home.

She ate breakfast alone and headed to the kitchen to wash this dishes. When she was through with the dishes, she did all the house chores. With all the chores done,she decided to rest a for a while before heading to the grocery store to get things for dinner.

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