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Curious – Episode 24

Adanna stares at her laptop wondering what her next step will be,its been over two weeks since she and Adams decided to continue living in sin and she has to admit she had never felt happier, she sometimes wonder if its because she knows what she is doing is wrong that’s why it seems so sweet.

Her days now have become sort of like a timetable, like she is still the devoted wife and all that but once her husband goes to work and she is through with her house chores she heads over to Adam’s place.

Sometimes they spend the whole day in bed,other times they just chill and keep each other company,there are also times when they don’t speak but just be around
each other. It was times like this that he will be painting while she just seat and stare,which is while today she decided to head on with her plans for a website.

She glanced across the room and Adams was busy painting and a Chris Brown’s track was coming from the stereo. Chris was actually Adams favorite musician and some how she has found herself listening to a lot of his songs that’s she considers herself a fan too.

She faces her laptop again and then after contemplating for a while, she decides to open a personal blog. She has been going through a lot so it just seem best that she does something like this who knows maybe she could empower a young Lady somewhere.

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She thought of the name for the blog,she wanted something personal not just any name.

She kept trying different domain names and finally she settled on Like Adanna dot com.

She quickly registered the domain and quickly started on setting up the blog’s layout.

She wanted something different from the other blogs she visited yet she also wanted it to be personal,whereby her audience will go hand in hand with her without feeling any indifference.
“Adanna” she heard her name so she looked up to see a smiling Adams standing in front of her,he quickly removed her laptop from her laps and placed on a table and then pulled her up to meet him.

Samuel is leaning back on a pillow as he la!d lazily on Kylie’s bed,they had just finished a marathon of steam S£x. He admires her from behind while she was busy putting on her clothes. He knows he should get up to and put himself together so he can go back home but he just could not remove his eyes from lusting after her and when he couldn’t take it any longer he reached out for her but as he tried to pull her towards him she pulled
herself away from him
“What’s wrong?” He asked

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“Common don’t lie to me” he said as he drew her closer and used his arms to wrap around her

“Hmmmm, okay I don’t want to sound pushy but you told me months ago you were going to divorce your wife so we can start making arrangements for our wedding but you are yet to do anything”

“Look honey this things take time,I can’t just wake up one morning and decide to divorce her,I need to make it as amicable as I can but I promise you I will try to rectify that as soon as possible”

“Well it has to be fast considering the fact that am pregnant and get this I am not ready to be anybody’s baby mama so you better step your game up”

Feeling like he has just been drenched with a bucket of water he quickly removed his arms from around her and quickly turned her around to face him
“What did you just say? I thought I made it clear when we started this relationship that I did not want kids”

“Oga this is not kids its a child and we both got me pregnant so put on your big boy shorts and get on with the next step”

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“Look this woman you better think again,I have made it very clear I don’t want kids at least not now, you have to see a doctor and carry out an abortion immediately”

“That is not going to happen,so you better tell your wife about us or else I will do it myself”

“Stop baffling you know you can’t do that”

“Try me and see”

“You know what am not going to stay her and listen to your bullshit” he said as he came down from the bed and hurriedly put on his clothes and left.

Kylie stood still at the spot she has been when there were arguing, she had tears in her eyes.

She never could have imagine such a reaction from Samuel, she had been so happy when she was told she was pregnant and thought of possible ways she could break it to him,a little part of her had wished that maybe he will finally propose to her. Well if he thinks she is like that bush lady he calls a wife that he could just toss about he better think again because she is not giving up without a fight.

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