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Curious – Episode 20

The next couple of weeks seem to run by Adanna as she went out of her way to avoid Adams. She turned herself back into the caring and loving wife she used to be,she did all her chores ferociously like her life depended on it
and on many occasions she contemplated getting a job but the thing was she and Samuel already agreed that she was going to be a full time housewife when they got married and she did not want to bring up the issue of a job again but at the moment she felt so empty and she was desperately looking for something to fill her up,she just needed something that will make her feel useful and not just like a rag tossed aside.

To while away time she started surfing the net and that’s when she came across the blogging world. She started visiting different types from the entertainment to political to forums, she got so hooked she started
contemplating about starting her own websites.
Since she could not get a job maybe she could just start blogging at least it will help fill her time whenever she was through with her house chores. With that settled she started to research about blogs and every other thing she needed to know.

Samuel could feel a change in his wife but he could not finger point what exactly it was. For a while his wife has become the woman she used to be,she was sweet,nice and caring and she did not act like the nagging woman
she started to become not too long ago.

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She did not quarrel when he came home late neither did she complained when he told her about a new trip he
had to make. It was as if she became an obedient dog which truly he had no problem with.

They had not had S£x in a while and it did not seem to bother her which was also fine with him since he found her very boring I mean let’s face who will have a woman like Kylie and still go for a log of wood like his wife.

He had been contemplating on divorcing her but with her new behavior he might just keep her around plus her cooking was out of the world so why not just keep her around to satisfy his stomach.

Maybe he could even get her a gift on his way home for being a good girl this past
weeks,his thoughts was broken when a call from his boss came in.

Adams is sitting in a bar trying to get his mind in order but he just can’t seem to get thoughts of Adanna out of his mind,he had a wonderful time with her that be was willing to repeat again if she will let him but her actions this past few weeks hasn’t given him hope in any way.

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She seem to be avoiding him because she rarely picked his calls theses days and when he tries to come over and see her she is always bringing one excuse or

He just did not understand why she was behaving like this because he could tell she had as much funas he did during their encounter so why can’t she just let them be,what will happen if she just gave them a trial.

He bet he could make her more happy than that her boring husband can make her feel.

He was tipsy from the alcohol he has been drinking and knows within himself that it was time to call it a night and head home but he could not seem to stand up instead he reached out for his phone and dialled Adanna’s number.
Samuel stopped by a jewelry store on his way home and got his wife a beautiful pearl necklace with matching eye rings. When he got home,she served him his dinner as usual and when he was through eating she cleared
the dishes from the tables. He went upstairs and waited for her.

When she was finally through and came up,she quietly went to her side of the bed and la!d down. Moments later she felt a cold thing being wrapped around her neck and looked down to find a beautiful necklace,she turned around to see her husband holding the box with also a pair if earrings inside.

She was speechless because she could not remember the last time he got her any present.

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Just as she was about to thank him her phone rang. She picked it up to discover it was Adams calling she did not want to pick his call in front of her husband but he had already seen the name on her screen
“Hello” she said
“Hi bae” he replied
“Am fine and my husband is also fine”
“I did not ask after him,am only concerned about you babe,common why don’t you just give us a try you know am going to treat you right huh,am going to give you anything you ask in this world” he said

“Awwww thank you for checking up on us. Good night” she said and quickly switched off her phone.
“Who was that ?” Her husband asked
“Ohh it was Adams our next door neighbour that we attended his show case not too long ago just calling to check up on us” she stammered
“At this time of the night?”

“Errrmmm,well you know he is an artist,am sure he was painting and remembered us and just called ”

“Yeah,that will make sense. Now come over here and say your thanks to this little man,he has been missing you for a while now”[/B] he said as he pulled her closer to him.

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