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Curious – Episode 19

Adams have been trying to get thoughts of Adanna’s lips from his head but he couldn’t all he could think about is how her lips felt against him. He felt like a fool for rejecting her that day,tho there was a part of him telling him he did the right thing because anybody could see she was not herself that day and she probably wanted to use to vent her anger on what ever was troubling her. He knew she was a married woman but he could not help himself. When couldn’t take it anymore he put on some clothes and headed out to her house.

Since he was now a familiar face the gate man did not interrogate him nor followed him inside,so he walked in alone as quiet as he could but he heard her voice calling to him and telling him where she was. He quickly followed her orders and went to the dinning room,on reaching there he saw her standing beside the table staring at him. She spoke to him but he couldn’t understand a word she was saying all his brain was telling him was to go for it and kiss her, he walked up to her like a puppet that was being controlled and before he could change his mind,he leaned in and kissed her.

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She wasn’t responding to kiss at first but he kept on going until she parted her lips slightly and he used that opportunity to kiss her probably and it wasn’t long before she started responding and a m0an escaped from her.

He was waiting for her to stop him but she wasn’t so he deepened the kiss and gradually let his hands to start roaming her body at their own free will. Soon they found a rhythm that seem to please them and continued tearing at each other.When he couldn’t take it any longer he lifted her and placed on top the dinning and faced the job of striping them of the clothes.

Adanna knew she should stop him but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it,once he placed her on the table everything just seem to happen quickly,their clothes were off as if by magic and he started kissing and nibbling her and then whispering silly nonsense to her.

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He slowly started going down trailing her with kisses as he went,from her stomach to slipping his tongue into her navel while his hands were stroking her inner thighs and making her too feel things she never knew was possible to feel.

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She was still enjoying what he was doing with his hands when he suddenly lifted her hips and dipped down and covered her,she screamed because she had never felt anything like that and she wasn’t expecting it. While he was at work with his mouth he also eased his finger into her and then made it two. He kept on going with a rhythm that drove her wild.

After a while of slow torture he lifted himself and kissed her and she tasted herself and it drove her insanely wild.

He didn’t hurru her like her husband instead he took his time to explore her body and by the time they through they were both hit with a climax they had never felt before.

Adanna breathing hard since it wasn’t too long her body exploded into ferocious pleasure,she never thought she could experience something like this in her life time but she did.

She la!d quietly waiting for the guilt to come but it did not,instead the lust to continue what she just felt kept coming back at her and reached out to Adams and pulled him down for a kiss.

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Hours later……..
Adanna was alone in the house after Adam’s had reluctantly left,he did not want to go but she had to force because she did not want any of their hired help to get suspicious and start gossiping. After having her bath she la!d down on her bed thinking about the new path her life was taking,she asked herself if she wanted to do that,yes her husband was a cheat but did she also wanted to follow that path,she wondered if Adams really liked her or he just saw her as the nearest harlot he could release into. The fact that she didn’t feel any guilt for what happened wasn’t helping matters at all.

She made up her mind not to do again because she remembered taking her vows to her husband in front of a church and while the husband might not honour his but she will take her vow seriously after all her mother did not raise her to do anything less than to be God fearing.

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