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Curious – Episode 15

The drive home was slow and steady as Samuel had a lot of things going through his mind,he couldn’t believe he had just cheated on his wife. He always thought he was different from other men who did such but I guess hewas just like every other guy. The thing that troubled him the most was that he had lasted longer on Kylie than he had ever done with his wife. Is it that his body did not find his wife attractive or is it because he found
his wife boring in bed. Wait, did he just say his wife is boring in bed?

Where are all this thoughts coming from he had never thought of her in this way but he had to admit compare to Kylie his wife had nothing on her. He was in no way saying Kylie was more beautiful than his wife,I mean she doesn’t even hold a candle light near his wife but she knew everything he wanted,she knew just the right spot to touch and she did not just lie there like a piece of wood.

He got home safely and headed up the stairs and straight to the bathroom as usual. When he stepped into his room after his bath his saw his wife sleeping on her side of the bed and he felt a pang of pain wash over him. How on earth could he have stoop so low and cheat on his wife. He slept late that night with his thoughts running wide.

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Samuel is in the office stressed out from his work and his thoughts. His mind kept telling him to continue with the affair but deep within him he wasn’t comfortable with the idea.

After long consideration he decided to
stick with his wife it was best for him and at least he will have peace of mind. He continued with work,trying to finish the pile of things on his desk. It was not long before his phone received a message and when he
opened it to find a Unclad pic of Kylie with a message that she was waiting for him. He decided to ignore the message and face his work but his mind
kept drifting back to the pic in his phone and he found himself staring at the pic all over again and wondering what will happen if he just go over to her house. I mean what can possibly happen and this will be the last time
he will cheat on his wife. He will just have one final rump with Kylie and call it quit. He contemplated on this for a while and then decided to just take his chances and see Kylie one last time.

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In no time he was in her house and true to her words she was Unclad waiting for him. If they was any doubt in his mind it flew right out of the window when he saw her all he could think about was joining her in bed. The last thing he remembered was that he kissed her because every other thing seem to happen in a flash,his clothes came off as if controlled by magic and he tried to be in charge as he normally did with his wife but Kylie was not having that and climbed on him. She was in charge of everything and for once he enjoyed just lying there while a woman did all the work.

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She started kissing him from his head and kept going down his body. His last coherent thought was when she went down there and taking him all in her mouth. He must have past out or something but the next time he
came up she was riding him and everything just became blurry but he knows deep down he has never been satisfied like this. There was one more round before he returned to the office to finish his work there.

Samuel closed from work and went to his house. He was tempted to go back to Kylie’s house but he wanted to play it cool and safe. He did his usual routine when he got back home after eating he went straight to bed..

Before he slept he came to the conclusion that he will continue seeing Kylie for the time being but he will end it after a while,yes that’s what he will do
and with that he slept off.

The next couple of weeks just changed his schedule. He went to work as usual and then he heads to Kylie’s place and then comes home to sleep and after a while he stopped sleeping at home. He started giving work related excuses to his wife and sometimes when he had to he out of time for work he takes Kylie with him and when the business meeting is over he spends extra
more days with Kylie before returning home to his wife.

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He started noticing things about his wife that he did not see before like she was too skinny,she doesn’t wear matching underwear like Kylie and she never had
makeup on. He kept wondering why she did not make any effort to look good for him.

He started get irritated at home and tried his best to spend limited time there. He was forced to eat her food so she won’t feel bad it
was not like it was anything compared to what Kylie prepared for him. Well its a good thing he had Kylie in his life now he wondered how he had been able to cope with Adanna this long.

More than once the thought of divorcing Adannadanna has been creeping into his thoughts but he decided to give her a couple more months to redeem herself if not he will just pull the plug at this bondage the called marriage.

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