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Curious – Episode 13

The kissing was getting intense and Samuel couldn’t control his urge and kept wanting more from Kylie,in a flash of an eye his shirt was off, next came her shirt and her shorts and then she was on him and he was helping her to get rid of his trousers when he struck him that he had a wife at home who was probably getting worried about his whereabouts while he was here trying to cheat on her. He pushed Kylie off him and quickly picked his clothes and dashed from her house and was on the way to his house on full speed like he was being pursued.

Adanna glanced at the clock and saw the time was late,she decided not to worry since the last time it turned out her husband was perfectly fine so she headed for bed and slept.
Samuel got home safely,went straight to the bathroom to wash off Kylie’s scent on him,when he was through he walked into the bedroom to see his wife fast asleep
He climbed to his side of the bed and then rolled over to her side of the bed and gave her a peck he did gently so as not to wake her up. He la!d down back to think about his life,the complications that came with having kylie in his life at that moment he decided he would cut all ties with her,it wasn’t worth loosing his marriage over,for goodness he was married to one of the most beautiful woman on earth and he will be dammed if he messes that up. With all this thoughts he slept off.

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Adams was la!d up in his bed thinking about his next door neighbour. He kept wondering what was drawing him to her,the fact that he knew she was married did not seem to stop the attraction at all. Well he has never been the kind of guy that comes between people’s marriages so even tho he was attracted to her he decided he won’t act on it. He will respect the ring she wears.

The next morning……..
There is a knock on Samuel’s door,he looked up to see his secretary walk in wiith the files hr had asked for earlier. She handed the files to him and then told him Kylie called earlier asking for his schedule for the day. He told her to tell Kylie when she called back that he travelled to another state for a conference meeting and from there he will go to see some
clients and will be away for two weeks.

The secretary looked shocked for a second but composed herself and did as she was told.

The next couple of days for day for Adanna was hectic for her,after her chores she called Adams over and she posed while he painted.

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They talked alot during this times and she got to know him better the same way he got to know her well. She always looked forward to a new day so she can spend time with Adams.

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After the first few days she invited him to eat with her after he was through painting her for the day and since then they ate together each day.

Adams has gotten everything he needed for the portrait buy he kept on coming back to Adanna’s under the pretense of painting her.

She seem like a blessing in his life because since he started painting her he has been able to finish all his paintings for the show case.

He even added new paintings.

Somehow she made him motivated from their little talks and he wanted to go out of his way yo impress her and made sure that she doesn’t regret confiding in him.

Kylie was tempted to fling her phone across after she just listened to the crap Samuel’s secretary just told her. Hmm conference meeting indeed well it simply means its time she switched things a bit since she wanted the
cool way and he did not to play well she will just show him who the queen is in their little game she thought.

Over the next couple of days she made it a habit of sending nudes to Samuel’s phone randomly,she called him at night when she knows his wife was around she even started sending him love messages. She checked out his work calendar and started showing up at events he was to attend dressing seductively and making sure people saw them together.

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Well let’s see how long he is going to ignore her she thought within her.
The past few days have been terrible for Samuel, Kylie decided to make his life hell and his work was not making it any easy for him.

The most annoying thing now was his wife was always too tired for anything, he
wondered what she did during the day that makes her so exhausted at night.

First he has to deal with all those Sekxy nudes Kylie sends and then his wife doesn’t have his time. Anytime he reaches out to her she is always very tired or she brings up one excuse after the other. Another disturbing
thing has been the late night phone calls he has been receiving from Kylie,it has gotten to a point that Adanna has been looking at him suspiciously for a while now,he tried ignoring the calls but she kept calling.

To prevent his wife from thinking he was cheating he had to change kylie’s name to Office in his phone. Things was definitely getting out of hand. He will just have to see Kylie face to face and settle this once and
for all.

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