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Curious – Episode 10

Adams is working on a new painting while listening to loud hip hop music coming from his stereo system. His thought kept going back to earlier in the day,his walk with Adanna.

He just kept replaying their conversation in his head, he wondered if she will actually let him to paint her. Well with time he will know but on till then he has to finish his paintings he had a showcase to catch up with the deadline.

Adanna was worried sick about her husband’s whereabouts. She had called his lines numerous times but he did not answer,she even called his office
but she was told he left for home hours ago.
She wondered if she should go and report in the police station or maybe should just wait a little bit,who knows maybe it was just traffic or his car got spoilt. Why wouldn’t he just call her or maybe pick her calls.

Her mind drifted to the conversation last night and wondered if maybe that’s the reason her husband had not returned come to her,no it can’t be she quickly erased that from her mind. She will give him a couple of minutes more if he doesn’t return then she will go to
report the case at a police station.

Samuel was driving home but his thoughts were scattered, he kept wondering why Kylie had to kiss him and why he even responded like that to her. I mean they were both having a good time and all that but the kissing thing was really messing up his head.

He wondered how he was going to look at his
wife when he got home, damn now that things were kind of rocky between them.

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A car sped past him and it brought his attention back to the road as he decided to drive safely back to his wife before working on his thoughts.

Some minutes later he pulls up in his drive way.

Adanna has had enough and decided to drive to a police station to report her husband missing when she hears the sound of his car.

It wasn’t long before she heard his foot steps and she crossed her arms around her chest waiting for him,as soon as he opened the door she asked
“Where have you been?”
“I went out with a friend”
“Do you know what the time is? Why did you not pick my calls huh?”

“Look its been a stressful day and I did not hear you call cause me phone was on silence.
So are we through with the Q and A?”

He replied as he walked towards their bedroom.

“Hell no we are not through, you left me worried all evening and all you can say is it was a stressful day huh?” She said but when she did not get any reply from him she added
“You know it would have been better if you had remained where ever you are coming from cause your presence is really not needed here” she screamed
“Am thinking the same thing myself at least I was having fun and some quiet ” he screamed back.

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Adanna was surprised at his outburst she sat on the arm of a chair and started crying because she did not understand what just happened, she did
not mean to shout at him but when she started to speak the words won’t just stop.
She just wanted to know if he was okay Oh God what has she done she thought as she continued crying.

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The next day…..
Samuel is sitting in his office trying to work on the files in front of him but he could not.

He kept thinking about his argument with his wife last night and what happened between him and Kylie.

He was still angry with himself over what happened and his wife did not make it any better with all her scolding last night.

When he woke up this morning he did not speak to her,he just prepared for work and left.

He wondered how he will be able to seal the rift that have been tearing him and his wife at home.

He decided to leave work during his lunch break and go home to apologize to his wife.

He wanted to call her but decided to surprise her.

Adanna is through with all the house chores,whenever she was angry she seemed to work at super speed and her mood the morning was like nitrogen to a car.

She tried watching a movie but it did not help then a thought crossed through her mind,why don’t she go and visit her next door neighbour after all he asked her to come see his work.

Yes,she decided to go visit maybe he might even lighten her foul mood. She quickly had her bath and changed clothes before heading over to see Adams.

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She was ushered in by the gate man and was led to a very beautiful sitting room.

She was astonished with what she saw it was as if she just stepped into a museum.
She was still admiring the house when Adams walked in.

“Welcome to my house, Adanna”
“Thanks you have a lovely place by the way” she replied.

“So what can I offer you” he asked
“Orange juice will do just fine”
“Alright gimme a minute” he said as he walked into his kitchen to get it.

He returned with a pack of juice and a glass for her with a can if beer for himself.

“Here you go” he said why giving her the drink.

“Thanks” she replied as she took a sip from her drink.

“So did you come to see me or my paintings?”

“The paintings of course” she replied smiling.

“Geez,woman you can really kill a man’s ego” he replied.

They talked for a while about things in general and then he took her round to see his paintings, he told about what motivated him to paint instead of following his father’s way in the family business.

He also took her for a tour round his house and when they were through she decided to go home to rest for a while.

They exchanged numbers at her gate and she walked inside the house,seconds later she heard the horn of her husband’s car.V

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