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Cruel Billionaire – Episode 8

Aidan’s POV.

I didn’t know how but I ran like a dog who badly wants to bite someone. I’m so doomed ! isn’t this wickedness? .. I quickly picked it up tiredly but couldn’t stop why? because it is just remaining two seconds for me to get up there . I was

sweating like a scape goat, can you imagine? my legs refused moving it was hurting so much but I have to do this , I need Aza to forgive me instantly. One more step I will be up.

oh my God I finally made it at the dying minute. Aza stood there frozen probably thinking of how I gets here so quickly of which I myself is as surprised as that . You wouldn’t blame me , I was the one in need ..

” did you get here so quick” she asked as I handed her her jewelry.

“I believe I’m now forgiven because I passed your test” I said and wrapped my arms around her waist while she still stood frozen at her..

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uhm , Aidan let go off me ” she said as I removed the strand of her falling hair ..

not happening wifey” I whisper to her ear and I can swear that my touch is

having effect on her . Isn’t that a good news to know that she likes me ? I’m so happy right now . I began tickling her as she laughed humorously.

Aidan s..t..o.p , you know I’m ticklish” she said as I let go off her and she ran off to the room . I chuckled softly and followed her, I need to prepare something for her as compensation for forgiving me but I will have to be careful this time around

so as the food won’t turn salty and peppery like she said few days ago .

I’m the happiest man right now , I began singing one of El Sheeran song while I tie the apron …

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Manson’s POV

No ! she can’t keep rejecting me ! she’s is mine and no one else and if I can’t have her , I will make sure she didn’t get to see the sunlight in the next three days .. I have to do something so very fast before it gets out of hand . imagine after all that

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fool did to her she still calls him her husband why can’t I just separate them and have her all to myself?

I called my boss and told them my plans .. Aza watch your back !

I laughed in satisfaction. I must achieved my aim .

Aza’s POV

Since the day Aidan surprisingly picked the jewelry in 10seconds and gave it to me . He has been all romantic and protective of me , I can’t believe he’s this sweet and all that . He has been the one cooking for me, he won’t even allow the maids near the kitchen as he would say his food will make me love him the more ..

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wifey I’m home ” Aidan announced as he entered into the house ..

welcome baby ” I said and hugged him but he pulled me and we fell on the couch with him on top of me …

Aidan can you stop ? you just came back from work you need to freshen up while I bring a hot coffee for you ” I said

no I’m okay so long I’m with you I don’t want a coffee ” he replied stubbornly and started bitting my neck which I’m sure gonna turn to hickeys .

We we’re so carried away that we didn’t even notice our surrounding until we heard a gun short..

Aidan ” I called as he fell off me ..

I know it’s short , I’m kinda sick so manage it for today

Did Aidan get shut?

what the ! who is after them again ?

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