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Cruel Billionaire – Episode 4

Aza’s POV

I couldn’t bear the pain any longer, I was already freezed and so cold like the ice itself . After what seems to be forever, I blacked out.

⭕ Aidan ⭕

Ow! I couldn’t watch her in that ice again , I felt pity for her because even me here in no ice is cold talk of her in there. I know she will freeze..

I sprang on my feet and rushed to the basement, I don’t want her to die now do I ? but that doesn’t mean she’s free from my punishment like always. I hate the fact that she sees herself as a vulnerable person who can’t stand for herself I want her to talk back at me , shout at me and equally tell me to stop treating her badly but I guess that’s not happening because she’s the one in need and has to bear the unbearable so her poor family could survive. poor girl! she has to suffer for them, how much she loves her family. .

Before I reached there, she already passed out , I took her from the ice and believe me she was as cold as the ice itself. What have I done? I took her in a bridal style inside the house and dropped her on the bed. I quickly grabbed a bowl of warm water and a towel and began rubbing her body to stop her from being cold.. I have never been this caring in a long time now and here I am taking care of my prisoner


At least now, she’s not that cold again , I stared at her face admiring God’s creature. Her skin was soft and spotless except that it has turned pink , I guess it was because of the constant beating but I’m not remorseful about it, not even once why? because I want her to show me the real her , the slutty part and stop acting innocent all the time. Imagine she’s more of a kid sister than a wife , she’s just 19 and I’m 25 look at the age difference. I can’t marry her, she has to suffer until she decided to leave herself. I stood up and left to sleep in the guest room like I said, I can’t stand her. seeing her pale skin makes me feel guilty and I don’t want to. I’m Aidan Wiston the most feared man in California. I don’t have a heart to be remorseful. one more glance at her , I left .

Aza’s POV

I woke up on something soft and everywhere looking bright ! it’s morning, oh my God how did I get here and precisely on the bed ? the last thing I remember was me being in the ice , I tried to remember anything further but it was blank . I shook my head and stood up from the bed only to be welcomed by a throbbing headache but I have to manage anyways before Aidan comes . wait! was it him that brought me in last night? no no I guess not but it’s me and him in the house then it should be him that brought me in and what ! my dress was changed oh my ! don’t tell me

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he changed me too . Thou it’s good thing to know he’s not that bad after all , inside his monster self still lies a caring heart . I just can’t bring myself to hate him despite all this ill treatment. Maybe it’s the price I have to pay after all …

I dragged myself to the bathroom and did my business there before rushing to the kitchen. where could he be ? maybe he’s gone to work already and without waking me up ? wow that’s a big relief…..

my mind drifted to what my father in law told me yesterday.


what can I offer you sir” I said smiling at him , he came unannounced but it’s his son’s house anyways…

oh don’t worry my daughter I’m okay and feel free to call me dad or Wiston you are not my employee ” he said and chuckled while I nodded

so sit I came to see you” I sat opposite him on the cushion.

I’m really sorry to get you married to my cold heart son Aza, I only thought that if he settle down he stop his cold behavior and surprisingly he is changing , I know he might have been hard on you but trust me he wasn’t like this ” he paused and took in some breathes before he continued ..

Aidan was a loving and caring kid , he loved everyone including the poor but everything changed when his mother my wife was murdered in his present , since then , he believed that everyone was the same and he changed Aza, from good to worst, please bear with him and change him for me to the sweet and loving Aidan he used to be” he said in a cracked voice. Is that why he’s cold to me also? I don’t think but I can’t change him now , I myself is scared of him like a devil and he’s asking me to change him ? how possible is that ?

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please Aza promise me you will do your best” he pleaded.

it’s okay dad , I will do my best ” I replied and slightly hugged him .

thank you daughter”

flashback ends

It’s a lot to take in truly, I can’t imagine my mum being murdered in front of me and still remain strong forever, na! I feel his pain.






It’s been a whole 5months I have been married to the devil himself, he doesn’t seize to punish me for any slightest mistake and I’m used to lying on the floor now , used to eating in the kitchen after I watch him eat and also used to eating from the dinning table instead of a plate as my punishment. yes whenever he doesn’t want me to eat in the kitchen, he pour my food from the plate unto the table and eat from there in front of him , and yes I’m used to being dragged by the hair even if it hurts. In this 5months, there is no single day I didn’t get punished. Either he complains of the food or I cross his limits .. And he brings home his sluts every week sending me out of the room.. it hurts but I have no option…I had to lie to everyone that the marriage is so far so good including my mum but you and I know it’s a blatant lie.

⭕ Aidan ⭕

who is your daddy” I smacked her butts as I thrust into her with pace.

Aidan is my daddy” she said breathing heavily. I began increasing the pace .

Aidan please stop” she whispered but I’m not done with her . I just met her in the club today and decided to bring her home bitch .

I was enjoying the way she was shouting but was short lived as the door cracked open revealing a wide eyes Aza. Good very good! the mug in her hand fell down and broke…

I’m sorry , I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were in” she said and began making her way outside..

stop right there ” I ordered and she did stop with head bow.

bitch get your filthy self out of my mansion, this is your money and I don’t want to ever see you around me again” I threw the money on her as she dressed up and left..

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now to you, come here” I said to Aza who was visibly shaking but didn’t move..

I said walk here you little slut ” I shouted and she moved to were I am. I held the strand of her hair and dragged her to the bed..

ouch I’m sorry please” she winced ..

save that till when I’m done with you” I said and switched off the light , I’m going to make her hate sex for the rest of her life ..

I hate you, I hate everything that concerns you and I’m gonna make you cry , this night should remain fresh in your memory till you die” I yelled and tore her dress , I ain’t making love to her so I got straight to the point.. I removed her undies and threw it to the floor…

Aidan please don’t do this to me I beg of you” she pleaded innocently while I slapped her across the face , slammed her to the bed and climbed on top of her and began thrusting in to her in the roughest way I can..jeez! she’s pretty tight but I don’t care I only want her to feel the pain..

“Aidan please” she cried in pain as I increase the pace to the highest level thou I was enjoying it… Her voice was the only thing that filled the whole mansion, it was tears of pain …

When I was done leaving her in pain I asked her to leave the room ..

leave ” I yelled , she tried standing up but couldn’t, I guess the pain was much ! that’s all what I wanted. she was in tears and pain as she manageably stood up limping to the door before she walked out of the room crying like a baby as if she’s innocent…

Satisfied! I put on the light and decided to go shower but something caught my attention!

blood! I mean there was blood on the bed which will mean only one thing…

she was a virgin .



guilt came rushing over me . she was a virgin all this while and I have been treating her bad for what she knows nothing about? oh my God!..

Aidan deflowered our Aza .

who did you think Mason is ?

and why did he lie to Aidan?

did you think Aza will forgive Aidan after this terrible incident?

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