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Cruel Billionaire – Episode 3

Aza’s POV

“Wake up slut ” something hit me very had at my back.. I tried standing up but my body hurts . That was when it hit me that I laid on the bare floor yesterday.. I stood up and saw Aidan standing with a cold expression which made me shiver . I have never been afraid of anyone like this in my entire life but him …

“g..oo..d mo.. morning boss” I stammered and shook my head .

I don’t need a greeting from a whore like you who is after my money now get your filthy legs to the kitchen and prepare me something in 20ms” he left to the bathroom while I rushed to the kitchen. What could I possibly prepare within 20minutes. I decided to prepare Bagel and Lox .


I was through after one hour , I pray he doesn’t make stand on ice like he said yesterday or else I will die . I can’t bear the pain at all..

and why the hell are you bringing my breakfast now exceeding the time I gave ” he asked while I kept mute ..

have you gone nuts ? answer me you fool” I flinched as his voice echoed in my ear ..

I’m s.s.o.rry I couldn’t prepare the food in 20minutes ” I whisper scared ..

you are sorry? okay then, you will sit here and watch me eat after before you can eat yours that’s rule number 1.

rule number 2, you will stay awake and wait for me till I return from work at 9pm


rule number 3 no delaying of my food.

rule number 4, you will make sure the mansion is always neat, I don’t care how you are gonna do it .

rule number 5. you won’t dare use the washing machine to wash either my clothes or yours , your hand will do it ..

rule number 6. at no cost will my food be cold before you bring it for me. that’s all for now” he said and started eating. How am I going to keep all the rules in my head without messing anyone ? God please help me. …

what the hell ! did you want to kill me? why did you add peanut to the food?” he charged towards me with anger as I began to tremble …

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I’m sorry please I didn’t know you don’t like peanuts” I moved back but he caught up with me in no time .. he gave me a resounding slap that made me go blind for some seconds. Tears just tears on my cheeks was the only thing I could feel as it was like the world was upside down.

don’t ever, I repeat don’t you ever add peanut to anything you prepare in this house else.. you will go in for it stupid” he said, took his suit and left for work.

What have I put myself in ? my cheeks hurts so badly .

Is it a crime to be poor? what is my offense that I have to suffer this way?

I cleared the dishes but couldn’t eat, my thoughts were occupied on how I’m going to start cleaning this whole place.. I’m really done for………

⭕ Aidan ⭕

I angrily left for work, that girl isn’t innocent as she looks.. I hate em low class people, I hate her in particular. I have been this cold ever since I lost my mum

everyone is afraid of me but I don’t give a damn , there ought to be afraid of me but that slut? I will so deal with her that she will regret getting married to me..

The very day I saw her , I began having soft spot for her well but not until Mason told me who she really is behind the scene.


why are you telling me a this mason ?” I questioned boring hole into him with my looks …

I’m telling you this because Aza was my ex and she’s no good for you man” he said and drank from his wine ..I don’t get a thing from what he’s saying..

what did you mean she’s no good for me ?” I queried .

because she’s a slut ! she slept with half of the boys when we were in high school including me” he said, what ! as small and innocent as she looks? and I get to find out about this when I’m beginning to like her ? I guess all of them are the same..

I stood up and left…

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flash back ends

I don’t know why my dad asked me to marry someone like her. I wonder how many guys she has fucked deceiving people with her innocent face.. gosh I so hate her, she will suffer.. I will be coming home very late now to punish her , she won’t

dare sleep if I’m not home …

I’m Aidan Wiston the richest guy in California. I get and do what I wish to. Not even the devil can stop me.. All my workers doesn’t cross my path and anyone that does will be fired well except my secretary, she’s one of the bitches I fuck with no emotions… I don’t like her but she’s my sex buddy .

I’m gonna take her home tonight yaay ! seeing that Aza girl makes me horny , she’s beautiful and curvy , no doubt but I still will never fuck her . not even when I’m

drunk . yuck! how wide her pussy might be .


I came home with clingy Ann my secretary, that’s the reason I don’t like her , she’s too clingy..

and she has been talking non-stop since we arrived. I entered inside only to meet a sleeping Aza on the couch. Did she have to defy me? it’s just 11pm and she couldn’t stay awake? she looks so fragile and gullible maybe from the works she did. I don’t care either way, I only wants to see her suffer…

I slapped her very hard and she jumped up and fell on the floor.

I’m sorry boss I slept off” she said with a shaky voice, good thing she’s afraid of me .

you pauper , you defy me and you have to serve the punishment but for now, go get us a hot coffee and be fast about it fool” I spat as she ran off to the kitchen..

baby let’s go inside already” Ann said rubbing my chest ..

shut the fuck up bitch , you don’t tell me what to do” I snapped while she kept

quiet immediately. serves her right .

I quickly keep my leg on the road as aza was coming, she came nearer and without

looking she tripped and fell pouring the hot coffee on Ann . My plan worked .

oh my God, my back ” Ann cried .

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how dare you idiot” she said stood up and slapped her twice .. yeah that’s what I wanted..

I’m sorry please” Aza winced holding her already red cheeks shedding fake tears.. I’m going to humiliate her.

oh sorry babe , don’t worry go clean up I will deal with her” I grinned.

your wife just destroyed everything, I’m not in the mood anymore, good night Mr Aidan” she said, pick her bag and walked out but not before throwing daggers at Aza who was visibly shaking.. poor girl….

slap !

that is for defying me. slap!

that is for pouring the useless coffee in my guest. slap!

and that is for making her leave , you will have to do what I wanted to do with her since you sent her away I will have no option but to fuck you till you scream my name and beg me to stop now strip yourself naked” I yelled as she flinched, the tears is making me weak but I won’t show her, she can’t diceive me ! naa! it’s just few weeks we have been married but my hatred for her is increasing daily..

I said strip yourself naked! don’t let me repeat that again ” she hesitantly began removing her dress till she was just on pant and bra . Good !

I held her hair and dragged her to the basement while she continue crying in pain ..

you sit on this ice till tomorrow that’s my change of plan and don’t think of leaving here because cameras are on you little slut” I said and pushed her into the ice sitting her down in a way she will feel it and freeze till day break ..

please don’t do this to me, I promise it won’t repeat itself again please” she begged but my mind was made up ..

she has to suffer after all I paid for her..

good night dear wifey ” I said and headed inside..

this is bad for Aza.

Aidan is so heartless .

what did you suggest Aza should do?

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