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Cruel Billionaire – Episode 2

Aza’s POV

I think I’m the only bride in the world who’s sad on her wedding day . But you can’t blame me. I was getting married to someone I barely know to save my family.

But I couldn’t call off the wedding because I don’t want my family to remain poor again ! There have done a lot for me and it’s time to repay back this once…

I was conveyed to my husband’s house after so much cries . I’m leaving the place I grew up to open a new page of my life..

I’m gonna miss you big sis” Lily my younger sister cried as she hugged me.. I’m doing this for her , she has to further her education even if I couldn’t.

It’s okay Monchi I’m not going to die now am I ? you can visit me anytime okay ” I patted her back as she sniffed and nodded ..

I can’t believe I’m married now. .. .

I’m Azalea Graham but people call me Aza for short a 19year old girl full of dreams but I guess God has his way of doing things , none of my dreams have been accomplished because my parents doesn’t have money..(Topster Stories ) Read more interesting stories @

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I’m from a very , I mean verrrryy poor family , that’s why I can’t let them suffer anymore. I will bear anything that comes my way in this marriage. My marriage

was some kind of exchange. Like I was exchanged for money but I’m cool so long as my family feeds well from now on.. Challenges are meant to be faced….

The drive to my new home was silent as my supposed husband Aidan sat with me at the back seat without sparing me a glance like I don’t even exit . I took a quick look at him , he isn’t bad at all, he’s extremely handsome like a demigod. My face met with a cold expression as I quickly look away with my heart beating rapidly…

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We alighted from the car and he didn’t even wait for me , he began entering the mansion while I trailed behind me. This wasn’t what I dream of, I have always imagined how my husband will hold me tight more less cuddle me on our wedding day but the guy here , I’m definitely afraid of him..

I quickly walk to meet his pace as the driver took out my luggages.

listen to me little rat, my father got me married to you to help your poverty stinky family , you are in my house now and I have rules which you must follow, don’t ever think of sleeping on the same bed with me , I can’t stand a commoner like you so you sleep on the floor in this same room get that ?” he said authoritatively while I just nodded . I think this might be worst than I thought, tears pricked down my cheeks … I’m sure it’s going to be hell here..

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don’t nod when I’m talking to you, you reply me with yes boss ‘ from now on you will be my maid for getting married to me and destrupting my bachelor life , I hate you and I will make sure you start seeing hell from here before you die and continue, I will make my rules tomorrow and you must follow all, failure to do any, you will stand on the ice for a whole day , now get out of my way slut” he yelled and pushed me to the floor..

Tears fell down freely, how will I cope in this house? only his voice is enough to put fire in me.. I didn’t ask for this but I have to stay strong for mum , dad and Lily


yes I will endure, Maybe he will change some day……..

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