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Cruel Billionaire – Episode 16 [Completed]

Aidan’s POV

I was rigmarolling on the bed unable to sleep. Is this how much Aza’s present means to me ? It’s just 3days and I miss her badly . I usually hold her close before

I’m able to sleep but now it’s just me and my pillow .

I wish I can still tell my mother in law that I changed my mind or maybe I should be sleeping over timely , yeah that’s where I leave it at . I can’t just help but miss her so badly..








The file is ready sir ” my manager said

You can drop them and leave ” I need to finish up this work before evening and plan on my presentation tomorrow, I can’t bear to loose partnership with Jones industries..

I was so tired but continued working. I decided to stop and attend to my beeping phone. I discovered it was Aza’s mother , is anything wrong with her and the baby?

Hello mum afternoon

Afternoon my son you need to come meet us at the private hospital , Aza just ran into labour.

Okay mum I’m on my way already.

I said and hung up. Oh God please keep her safe . I picked my car keys and closed my laptop, nothing is more important than my wife and child .

I drove speedily to the hospital and thank God there was no traffic on the way.

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Dad where’s she ” I said to aza’s father

Calm down son she has been taking to the ICU and she will be fine ” he assured me while mum too nodded .

I kept pacing about while the doctors and nurses was just passing without saying anything but later on a nurse came

Nurse how’s my wife ”

Call down sir are you Mr Aidan?” She asked

Yes ”

Okay then follow me your wife demands your present before she gives birth ” she informed while I nodded.

I followed her to the delivery room to see my wife struggling to give birth..

Aidan I’m tired ” she said immediatetly she saw me ..

It’s okay wifey I’m here”

Don’t tell me you are here , are you feeling the pain ? If you ever touch me again

I’m gonna cut off your balls ” she yelled . I chuckled on hearing that ..

I won’t dare touch you again okay , just calm down and push and hold unto my hand ” I said while she nodded and began pushing with all strength. Ah alas the baby came down ..

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It’s a boy sir but your wife still have to push , there is another baby inside her ” the doctor said while I opened my mouth as ‘O ‘ sound escape my lips ..

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Now baby let’s push, just this once please”

I’m gonna die Aidan , I don’t have any strength left ” she said and I kissed her

You can wifey , just look at our baby boy he needs a wife or a friend don’t you want that?” She smiled and nodded, she squized my hand tightly and shouted .

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Wiston, you now have a set of twin which is a boy and a girl ” the doctor said smiling while Aza smiled weakly.

Thank you doctor” I said as the nurse was cleaning them up and placing them beside Aza on the bed …

It’s nothing Mr Aidan , for now your wife needs to get cleaned up in the bathroom before anyone can come in, nurse Jenner will bath her ” he said while Aza shook her head ..

No doctor, I will love my husband to do that ” she requested

” It’s no problem Mrs Wiston, the bathroom is right beside your bed ” I helped Aza up from the bed while she kissed our bundle of joy … I took her to the toilet and bath her carefully..

Thank you Aza ” I said

Where did that come from?” She asked grinning

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It came from where you gave me a set of twin I love you so much Mrs Azalea Aidan Wiston ” I said as I wore her dress for her and picked her up in a bridal style


I can’t imagine this beauty is all mine and with beautiful children .

I dropped her on the bed and head outside to inform everyone to come in


There look so beautiful” Lily whined as she stared at them lovingly

Yeah , I’m now a granny ” my dad said

What name did you intend to name them now ” Aza’s mum asked looking at us

I think I love Dianne and Dianna, is it okay by you Aidan ?”

Yeah Dianne and Dianna…” I was cut off by the ringing of my phone . It was an unknown number..

Aidan Wiston on the line

Quit it Aidan

Blake ?

Yeah it’s Blake

How did you get my number and why did you call me

Just to inform you that Mason has escaped , I have sent my boys to search for him and I suggest you should be careful and stay safe till he’s found .

He said and hang up . Mason again ? Oh my God!

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