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Cruel Billionaire – Episode 12

We entered the car and drove into the street with my eyes ransacking everywhere. Thank God I found an open shop after a drive about 3 miles away from the hotel we lodged in .

You should stay here and I will go get it for you” she nodded as I came down from the car heading into the shop , I just pray there have the exact ice cream she requested for ..

Vanilla ice cream with jerky bits please” I said to the sale girl, she nodded her head and came with it.

I made sure I supplied more than enough in case she will crave for it again ..

Here take ” I handed it to her as I entered into the car .

I love you Aidan ” she said and jerked the bag from me while I shook my head in amazement. In no time she was almost through with the second one when I’m just

starting the car .

” Won’t you join me ?” She asked licking the bowl of ice cream.

No thanks ” I replied, I remember yesterday that she gave me her shrimps to eat but began crying minutes later telling me I should provide it for her instantly. Jeez! I almost cried . I had to go into the kitchen to make another one for her which she ended up saying she lost appetite for it already that I should go back to the kitchen to prepare pancake for her .

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If not for the fact that I love her I will Just run and leave till she delivers . Lawd !

Remind not to give birth again , it’s just as if I’m the one pregnant .

” Stop the car ” one of the cops shouted now .

. There are really gonna take our time

What the hell did you want?” I questioned.

With due respect sir what are you doing outside by this time of the night ?” He asked .

Well what I’m doing outside is that my wife is damn pregnant and she’s having cravings you get that ?” I fumed , I don’t know why all this cops are so annoying! Can’t there just let us pass without making fuse ?

You have to follow us to the station sir”

“For what ?” Aza flared .

I brought out by ID and showed them , maybe there can’t see clearly.

One of them collected it and stared at it with wide eyes .

We are really sorry to have stopped you sir ” he said apologetically. Well, perks of being a billionaire and a celebrity, I can make him loose his job this minutes.

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Be extra careful next time” I glared at him and drove off.

Oh my God! I can’t believe Aza could finish 5bowls of ice cream at a spot The car is already a mess as she was fast asleep with all the bowls and spoons littered everywhere in the front sit.


I took her inside and laid her on the bed as she sleeps peacefully. I couldn’t sleep anymore, I have loads of emails to respond to so I brought out my laptop and began working..

Two weeks later …

I can’t really say I have been enjoying this honeymoon so far because of Aza’s pregnancy, she has becomes verrrrrrry lazy. The only thing she says is

“I need this and that ” .

I can’t wait to return back to California, I will tell her to go stay with her parents till she delivers after all it’s part of our custom that a wife delivers at her parent’s thou

I’m going to send her early at 5months instead of 8months . You won’t blame me, her cravings is something else .

Ouch ” I heard her wince from the kitchen. Yeah we left the hotel to my house here in California, I do have houses in most of the countries in case of any meeting with the problem of where I do stay .

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I rushed to Aza who trying to put the pot on the gas .

Didn’t I warn you not to enter the kitchen in the name of preparing any food?” I half yelled . Shit ! I think I’m already regretting it , she became sober immediately. How many times do I forget not to yell at her ?

I ran my hands through my hair roughly and frustratedly.

Look Aza I’m sorry I didn’t mean to yell at you, just that I don’t want to you to hurt your self” I explained instead, she burst into fresh tears ..

I know you hate me now because I’m pregnant and I’m all swollen , I was just trying to make lunch for my husband but it’s okay if you don’t want me to , I’m going back to California already and back to my parents ” she said and walked out of the kitchen

This girl is really funny ! How do she get back to California without any ticket ? Oops ! I need to do this for fun , I’m gonna watch her pack her things maybe she

will fly back home

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