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Crazy Wife – Season 2 – Episode 2

Chapter two

Just caring!
Barry’s POV
I am still smiling. I had left home after Violet kissed me on the lips and i find myself still smiling in the board meeting
“Barry..”The CEO said. Yeah that’s my father
I laughed out loud as he called my name and all the workers stare at me.
“Can you please tell us what’s so funny about the secretary making advances to a customer?”he asked
Oh that was why they called a meeting.
That was what they were talking about
I burst out laughing at my foolishness for laughing at the wrong time
And i guessed I laughed at the wrong time
“I’m sorry..”I said stifling a laugh
“I got lost..”i smiled at my dad
He frown and raised his brow
“Okay.. Gerald go on..”he motion to the manager
“Alright..”the manager sat up “..the secretary has done a wrong thing..and she should..”
I burst out laughing again and everyone turn to me
Are they seeing what I’m seeing
The way Gerald said ‘should’ is the way Violet brought her lips this morning.😘 Only that Gerald was funnier and he looked like a pumpkin.
“Barry!”my dad slam his hand on the table and I jump a little from my sit
“Sorry..”I smiled again and he groan. My gaze went to Jennifer and she raised her brow
That was the face I gave when Violet locked her lips with mine. Only that Jenifer looks cuter and I looked like a squirrel
“Barry get out!”I heard my father shout. I come back
“Out now!”he said and i look around at all the eyes👁️👀👁️‍🗨️staring at me. I stood to my feet and give my dad a wink before leaving for the board meeting I was supposed to have. Everyone just looks funny to me.
Even my father looks like the guy in the episode if Teen wolf I watched with Violet one day.
I move to my office and sat down on my rocking chair. I rolled and turn around with a smirk on my lips.
“Okay..what’s wrong?”I heard Jennifer voice as she entered into my office
I turn to face her
“What are you doing here? You aren’t attending that dumbass meeting?”
“..Was asked to check on Dad”
“Hmmmn. Set of Squirrels..” I burst out laughing again
“Haha! Very funny. Now go straight to the point”
“What point I’m not trying to make a point by calling you squirrels. I f I wanted to make a point I would have called you all mouses..”I chuckled
“What’s wrong with you are shitty weird this morning..”
“Nothing..maybe because I got a weird kiss from Violet..that’s why I have been smiling.. everyone just looks like you remember when Gerald said ‘should’..”I mimicked sticking my mouth out and laughing at myself
“..and when you raised your brow at looked like an angry pumpkin…”I laughed again and she frown
“Okay..not funny.. sorry”I hold my ears and give her a wink
“You and Violet kiss?”she said with her hands folded
“Yeah..twice deep..this morning..peck”.
“Are you nuts..she’s a small girl”
“Hello.??she’s my wife!”I snapped
“She wants to divorce you!”
“Look.. Jennifer..Violet is okay with me kissing her and us doing what couples do…till we get a divorce”
“ are are gonna use her before you divorce her?”
“No..not that negative way..we are gonna act in love till we get a divorce ”
“And you will end bad..what if you fall in love with her?”she asked. I stared at her and smirk.
“It isn’t a bad thing though..”
“Jasmine Is gonna be fine..after all she doesn’t know I like her..”I wink at the supposed jasmine at my front.
“Well I think..your marital matter isn’t supposed to be disturbing your business..”
“I’ll try to concentrate then..thanks love..”
“I’m not your love. Violet is!”
“Aw. Look who’s jealous..”
“I’m not jealous!”she snapped. “..I just want to be sure if you really like her so I won’t make unnecessary arrangements for your birthday next week Thursday!”
“ you are up to something..”I moved to her and hug her from the back
“That’s what bestie do anyway..”she said
I smiled on her neck.
“So cute of you..don’t stop any arrangements..I also want to tell you something on that make it great as possible!”I said and she nod
“Thanks..”I pecked her on the cheeks “..and you can attend the meeting now!”
I said and she rolled her eyes and finally left. I chuckled
I loved that girl!
I saw blood in the sitting room. Then I saw Violet cloth soaked in it. I looked around.
What was going on?
I looked closer at the pool if blood on the floor, then I saw finger prints on the floor with blood trace. I looked around and saw the same finger blood stain on the wall of the stairs.
I went red hot as my mind ame to Blake.
The idiot has the gut to come to my house to threaten my wife.
This was blood
He had hurt her!
“Violet!”I screamed throwing my bag away.
I rushed upstairs and made way to get room.
“Violet!”I bang the door. But there was no answer
“Violet!”I banged harder
“Barry?”I heard a soft voice. She was in trouble. She was out of breath. What was he doing .
“Violet..please try to open the door!”I banged louder
“Barry..”that soft voice came again and I hear the door click and open wide
“Violet!”I pulled her in for a tight hug as I looked around for Blake
“Where’s he?”
“Where’s who?”she asked rubbed her eyes
I rolled my eyes “Blake?”
“Did you see him?”she asked pulling away from my hug
“He was here right?”I asked her
“No..why would he be here?”she asked me. I raised my brows
“Blake never came here?”I asked
“Are you okay..did anyone hurt you?”I asked
“No..your shout woke me up. What’s wrong did you see Blake..”
“”I scratch my head. “I..just saw your clothes in a police of blood downstairs and i.. thought”
“My clothes..oh.that is Ella’s doing..she needs a cloth for her tie and dye practical do I gave her mine. So she planned om using a red dye looking unique..she went to the garage to get something. I’m sorry if she messed the sitting room up”she said
I bit my lips and sigh
“’s okay..I..just thought those were blood and you were in trouble..that was why I rushed here!”
She gave a small smile “Thanks for caring. I was sleeping all along. I got scared when you bang the door that way!”
“I’m sorry for scaring you..”I said and pulled her for a tighter hug as I sigh and ruffled her hair.

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