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Crazy Vanessa – Season 1 – Episode 8

Crazy Vannessa

Crazy Vannessa


I got upstairs only to see that I had 5 missed calls already. I quickly opened it and saw that it was Nnenna then I relaxed and dialed her number. She finally picked on the third dial.

Me:: Nnenna what’s up now. I saw your missed calls. Is everything alright?

Nnenna:: Just checking if the police are there already.

Me:: Yes babe!

I said laughing

Nnenna:: okay so should we leave her there for just another day or should we file a case against her now?

Me:: Let’s just leave her for another day. Just one more day let her feel it.

Nnenna:: I always knew you had wickedness in you

Then we started laughing.

Me:: Gosh you need to have seen her face when they grabbed her. ‘Officer! Officer! What have I done? I’ve done nothing!’

I said mimicking Vanessa then Nnenna and I burst into laughter.

Me:: my dear, let me leave you to clear your head. So you can prepare very well for this case.

Nnenna:: Ah ah now! You know I’ve not lost any case before and I can’t fail you especially. Just calm down! We go win oh(we will win)

Me:: I trust you.. Alright bye greet Chris and Bella for me oh

Bella was her first child.

Nnenna:: alright I will. Bye

Then I hung up.

Mrs Lucy (Charles’s mom)

“Amaka!” I called for my house help.

“Yes ma!” She shouted and met me in the living room. “Help me get my phone from the kitchen, I think I heard it ring.” I said.

“Okay ma.” She said and dashed into the kitchen and in a few seconds, she was in the living room again with my phone.

“You can go.” I said.

“What’s this unknown number calling me?” I said. I was about to drop my phone when it started ringing again then I picked up.

Me:: hello

Unknown:; Hello me it’s me

I recognized Vanessa’s voice and accent immediately.

Me:: Vanessa Darling, what’s wrong? Why are you crying.

I noticed her crying over the phone.

Vanessa:: I’m in the police station.

Me:: Chineke mu eh(My God) what happened

Vanessa:: I got arrested earlier today. I think its because of those files I made your son to sign.

Me:: so what Are you saying? That my son is behind this?

Vanessa:: I think so.. I don’t have all the time, I’m using the police’s phone. Just get me a lawyer and a good one please.

Then she hung up.

“What is all this biko nu(please) what has come over my son?” I said to myself.

“Madam the food is ready.” Amaka said bringing me back to reality from my deep thoughts.

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“Okay I’ll be in the dining shortly.” I said gesturing to her to leave.

“I have to go and see my son. Let me know why he’s being this stupid.” I said to myself and got prepared to go to Charles’s house.

**At his house**

I met Lisa and her mother instead.

“Mama welcome.” Lisa said politely.

“Did this girl just have the nerves to talk to me?” I said scornfully.

“Ha! I was just greeting oh.” She said and started walking away.

“Where is my son?” I asked.

“I don’t know, call him.” She said and continued walking away.

“I knew this girl never had respect or regards for my son.” I said to myself.

“Pretender!” I yelled to her hearing.

“Eh! Please. Don’t make noise in my house.” She yelled from the stairs she was climbing.

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“Can you imagine?” I asked myself then stormed out of the house to my son’s office.


I went to my mom’s room after meeting Mrs Lucy. “Who was that you were exchanging words with?” My mother asked. “Is it not my husband’s mother. She came here to look for trouble again.” I said.

“You should have shouted for me to come let me face her mother to mother.” My mom said.

“I knew I should have done that but I felt it wasn’t necessary to exchange words with her so I just left her there.” I said sitting down on the bed.

“Chelu(wait) Okano ebe ahu(Is she still there.)” She said.

“Mba mama(No mom) Opugo(she’s gone)” I replied.

“Rapu Ihe ahu(let it go) she’s gone now.” I added.


“Nawa oh! You don’t know what’s happening?” I said to Emeka. He was Lisa’s driver. She wasn’t ready to go out yet so we just met at one corner of the compound and decided to discuss.

“I know nothing.” He said dusting the shoe he had in his hand.

“I always knew that woman, Vanessa was up to no good. They have finally arrested her for her evil dealings.” I said.

“Wait oh. What dealings are you talking about?” Emeka asked.

“I do see her at night through my window with some husky men. It’s either she’s giving them something or she’s receiving something from them.” I said whispering so no other ear could hear us.

“I do see them sometimes too but be careful what you say.” He said holding his ears.

“I think she smuggles cocaine.” I said.

“Okay! Its okay! Before you put me into trouble with your silly gossips. Oya leave this place.” He said.

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“So this one time I want to talk to someone you’re chasing me away.” I said whining.

“I said go back to your duties!” He yelled.

So I went back inside the house to continue my house work.


I was in my office when my mother bumped in fuming in anger.

“Mother, with all due respect you can’t just barge into my office like that. What if I was with a patient?” I said.

“So my only son has lost respect for me too.” She said bowing her head.

“I’m sorry mom, what’s the problem.” I asked trying to sound really calm.

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“Your useless wife is the problem!” She snapped.

“Mom if you’ve come here to display nonsense drama please just leave I’m busy.” I said.

“Are you talking to me like that? Are you insane?” She yelled and I kept mute.

“Why did you arrest that woman.” She asked a little calm.

“Which woman are you talking about?” I asked.

“The woman I recommended for you of course!” She said.

“So it was you mom!” I said standing from my chair.

“So it was you all along that does not want my happiness.” I said pointing at her.

“Oh will you take those fingers out of my face!” She yelled and shoved my hand away.

“That evil girl Lisa has bewitched you!” She added.

“I want Vanessa out of there.” She said

“Sorry to shock you mom, she’s not leaving that police cell and if you shout too much I’ll lock you up too!” I yelled and went back to sit down.

“Leave my office!” I said.

“But Charles…”

“I said leave my office Mother!” I cut her short.

She looked at me scornfully and sighed then left and banged the door behind her angrily.

“What rubbish!” I said to myself.

Then Mary, one of the nurses came in to check up on me.

“Sir i heard shouting I hope everything’s okay?”

“Yes everything’s fine.” I said

“Okay sir.” She said about to leave.

“Please tell the nurses at the desk not to allow anyone whosoever into my office without my permission.” I warned.

“Including your mom and wife?” She asked.

“Are you deaf?! I said whosoever!” I snapped.

“Okay, sorry oh.” She said and shut the door behind her.

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