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Crazy Vanessa – Season 1 – Episode 6

Crazy Vannessa

Crazy Vannessa


“Bro you messed up this time oh. So you couldn’t just wait for Lisa to take in.” Chris said to me. I went to the bar a few weeks after the disaster and I met Chris there and told him everything. “It was all planned up by my mother. I’m not even dating this girl.” I said. “Then how’s she pregnant?” He asked. “I don’t know! I’m not even sure she is.” I said. “So where do you know her from then?” He asked. “I met her sometime with my mother and then we exchanged contacts and that was it.” I said. “Are you sure that was it?!” He asked suspiciously. “Okay fine, I got deceived and had sex with her.” I admitted. “God!” He shouted. “I didn’t mean for it to happen I swear. We even used a condom. I didn’t even know she’d come back to hunt me.” I said full of regret. “You still cheated on your wife Charles.” He said and I bowed my head in shame. “Charles chase this girl away.” He suggested. “I can’t, I’m tied up.” I said helplessly. “How?” He asked. “While in bed with her, she made me sign some documents which I didn’t even read before signing them.” I said. “And then?” He asked impatiently. “I just recently found out that I signed that if she ever got pregnant by me and I chase her away, she’d take my job and everything I own along with her.” I said. “And who gave her that power.” He asked. “Her father owns the hospital where I work and a deal is a deal Chris!” I said. “But what if it’s not a legal deal?” He asked. “Then we can fight the case in court and get my freedom back.” I said a little happy that I had a little hope.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


I was feeling a bit dizzy that morning so I got out from my bed to get a glass of water from the kitchen. I stopped sleeping with Charles since Vanessa now sleeps with him in my matrimonial bed. I got to the kitchen and made to open the door.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Vanessa said from behind. She was coming down the stairs in a mini gown. She was looking all dressed to go somewhere and I started wondering where she was going by that time of the day. “Look I don’t have time for your troubles this morning please allow me.” I said and made to open the door to the kitchen but it was locked. “Vanessa where is the key?” I asked trying hard to control my temper because of my pregnancy. I always had a hot temper from childhood and I injured people that annoyed me which I regret right now. “Oh that’s my kitchen sisi don’t even think about entering there again without my permission.” She said and made to leave. Then I dragged her back with all my might and she hit her back against the wall and fell to the floor moaning. “You bitch! Look what you’ve done!” She said amidst moans. “Give me

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my keys! Do you think I’m here to play?” I yelled. “Okay please wait! I’ll go and get it.” She said using her hands to shield herself then she got up and went upstairs.

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“What an annoying person.” I said to myself with my hands on my waist. She came downstairs and opened the kitchen. Then she made to leave. “Hey! Give me the keys!” I yelled with my hands stretched. Then she placed the keys on my hands. “You people hate me in this place!” She said with her usual accent, shrugged and left. “Nyi nyi nyi!” I said mimicking her. “Rubbish.” I muttered to myself and entered the kitchen.

I was about leaving the kitchen with a cup of hot tea on my hand when I ran into Charles. He was already dressed up and he wore his lab coat and stethoscope round his neck. I always thought he looked so cute dressed like that but at that moment I just dreaded the sight of him. “What’s going on? I heard shouting.” He said. “Oh your lovely Vanessa tried to lock up this kitchen so no one can access it without her permission. But of course you know I didn’t give her that pleasure.” I said and made to leave. “What is wrong with that girl?” He said. Then I stopped and retraced my steps. “I think the real question should be what was wrong with you when you brought that girl into our lives.” I said looking scornfully at him. “Babe I said I’m sorry. Besides all this anger is not good for you and the baby.” He said coming closer to hug me. “Don’t you dare touch me. You’re the one putting me through this emotional trauma. If anything should happen to my baby, you’ll have yourself to blame.” I said pointing at him. I had never lifted a finger at Charles before. I always respected him as my husband but all this was just too much to carry. “Okay fine. Can I at least get something to eat? I’m starving.” He said looking at his wrist watch. “Charles you still have the nerves to ask me for food?” I said looking at him in disbelief. “Why don’t you go and ask Vanessa. From today onwards, I’ll only be cooking for my mom, my baby and I!” I said then stormed out to my room upstairs. “Really babe?” I heard him say when I was walking up the stairs but I didn’t care much.

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I got to my mom’s room upstairs and told her what happened. “I hope you showed her the stuff you’re made of.” My mom said. “Yes na. I pushed her down. At least that should show her.” I said. “You’re a really strong woman, even at pregnancy, you’re a fighter.” She said laughing. “Mummy. About that court case I told you about, I’ll be going to Nnenna’s house today so we can start.” I said sipping from my cup. “I just hope and pray it works oh. I give you my blessing nwa m(my

child).” She said. “Be careful so you won’t burn your tongue. I can see how hot the tea is.” She added. “Don’t worry mummy, I’ll be fine.” I said. “Mummy let me go and prepare, don’t forget to take your afternoon pills oh.” I said getting up and walking to my room. The building was a heavy mansion with many rooms so I picked the second best room for my mother and picked another room for myself. Charles and that Vanessa Lady could have the master bedroom for all I cared.

I was already dressed to see Nnenna so I needed Regina to take care of a few things in the house for me.

“Gina!” I shouted but there was no response. “Where is this girl?” I muttered to myself. “Gina!” I shouted again but this time a bit louder. “Yes ma!” She said running out from her room. “I’m leaving and my mother is with you today so take care of her every need. I left some money in the kitchen drawer, it’s for the food stuff which I also wrote down. It’s in the kitchen drawer too. Just buy those things this morning, come back home immediately and cook lunch.. Don’t cook for me, I’ll be eating outside. Cook for yourself and my mother only. Did you hear what I said?” I said holding my ears to lay emphasis. “But ma. What about Oga and aunty Vanessa.” She asked innocently. “Regina I said for you and my mother only!” I shouted. “When you’re done, lock my kitchen and give the key to my mother. If Vanessa comes back, on no account should you open my kitchen for her have I made myself clear!” I shouted. “Yes ma.” She said. “Very good, close this door.” I said and left. I got in my car and drove off.

CrAZy VaNNeSsa

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