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Crazy Vanessa – Season 1 – Episode 5

Crazy Vannessa

Crazy Vannessa


“Mummy I will not!” I yelled at my mother. She came into my office telling me to take another wife since my wife could not put to bed. “Mummy you have been disturbing me about this for the past two years won’t you give up!” I said. “No! No I will not! I want grandchildren.” She said. “Mummy please, I want to be left alone.” I said calmly. “Charles if you want me to leave you alone, then give me grandchildren! Simple. Asides that, I will not! Leave you alone.” She shouted and left my office angrily. “Can you imagine?” I said to myself then sat down and continued my office work.

**At home**

Lisa came to open up and she was looking very happy. “Baby, how was your day?” She said unbuttoning my shirt. “It was hectic, I had difficult patients but I thank God they all survived.” I said. “This one you’re bubbling with happiness today. What is making my baby happy?” I asked smiling. “Oh baby… I vomited today.” She said laughing. “Really, I hope everything’s fine.” I asked touching her neck with the back of my hands. “Yes I’m fine. In fact I am very excited.” She said. “Baby are you alright?” I asked worried she might be having issues with her head. “I’m fine and pregnant!” She shouted in excitement. “You’re joking right?” I said in disbelief. “I went to Sharon after vomiting and she tested and confirmed me pregnant.” She said beaming with smiles. “Oh finally, I’m going to be a dad.” I said

kneeling. “Yes! And I’m the happiest woman on earth.” She said. “We thank God honey. We thank God.” I said.


I went to my mother’s house to share the good news with her. “Lisa nwa m(Lisa my child). You don’t know how happy I am. You see, this calls for celebration.” She said dancing happily. “Mom, don’t worry, when the baby comes first.” I said. “So what sex do you want it to be?” She said. “Mummy. Ah! Anyone God wants it to be, let it be so.” I said smiling. “Mummy, let me give you this to take care of yourself for the meantime since you have refused to have a maid.” I said and brought out a bundle of money. “Mummy this is 100,000naira.” I said giving it to her. “Thank you oh? It is well with you, more money and blessing to your life. More grease to your elbow.” She prayed. “Amen oh!” I said. “I have to go now. See you later mummy.” I said. “Ngwanu(okay) safe journey. Take care of that child in your belly oh!” She shouted after me then I left.

**At home**

“Sweetheart how was your trip to Mum’s place?” Charles asked. “She was so happy she even wanted to throw a party.” I said smiling. “Well, she should have because this is great news.” He said. “Yes but I always believe in complete victory before celebration.” I said. “Okay. No problem, we’ll wait then.” He said. “Yes, that’s what I want.” I said. “Baby you have to get some rest, the baby needs it.” He said. “So I’m irrelevant now abii? (Right?)” I said. “Someone’s getting jealous.” He said smiling. “Leave me alone.” I said a squeezed my face, pretending to be angry. “Come on honey, you know I still care about you. But as it is now, we can’t loose this only chance of having a child.” He said petting me. “Oya go inside and get some rest.” He said. “Okay baby.” I said smiling then I gave him a light kiss and went upstairs to the master bedroom.

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6 months gone

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There was a knock on the door and I went to see who it was. My mother already came to stay with me till I delivered. My husband was out and mom was in the kitchen preparing something for me to eat. The knock came again and I had to strain to stand up because I was heavily pregnant. “I’m coming!” I said walking to

the door. “Who are you?” A young lady, very fair and tall asked standing there and giving me mean looks. “Oh hey are you looking for someone?” I said smiling then she pushed me aside and found her way to the living room. “So this is what Charles abandoned me for.” She said looking around. “Excuse me?” I said losing my temper. “Where is he? I need to see him.” She said with a British accent. But I could tell that she was a Nigerian. “Where is who? Ma’am please explain who you’re looking for and stop shouting like a mad dog!” I said looking sternly at her. “I’m Vanessa, Charles’s fiancée. Now where is he!” She said looking at me with her blue eyes. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. “Maybe you’ve got the wrong Charles, please leave.” I said faking a smile. “No! I’m not going anywhere till he gets back!” She shouted and sat down on the couch. “Gosh it’s such a long journey from Scotland, can I have something to drink?” She said. “I didn’t know you were coming, we have nothing for you!” I yelled and rushed to the kitchen.

“Ah! Lisa, what is it? Why is your face like this and who was that at the door? Is Charles not back yet?” My mom asked. “Mummy Charles is not back.” I said frowning. “Then who was that.” She asked. “Mummy go and see for yourself.” I said and my mom walked to the living room and I followed behind her. “Young lady, welcome.” Mom said. The lady looked up at my mom and hissed. “What are you? Charles’s mom? Aren’t you supposed to be at the home for the elderlies?” She said. “Look I will not allow you insult my mother!” I said. “What? But she’s old! I mean my mom’s there too.” She said. Then she made a phone call. “Yes! Come in with the luggage please, we’re here to stay.” She said in her unique accent. “Mummy, this woman claims she’s Charles’s fiancée. I mean I’m going crazy!” I said holding my head in my room upstairs. “Lisa don’t be scared okay? Together we’ll deal with this woman, don’t worry. You know what I can do.” She said holding my shoulders and trying to console me. “Let’s just wait for Charles to get back, he has some explanation to do.” I said getting myself together.

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“Lisa stop crying. Crying won’t do you any good. You have to be strong to fight this stranger.” I said to Lisa. She came to my house very early in the morning and she had not stopped crying since then. “Nnenna my heart is broken.” She said holding her chest tears rolling like a river from her eyes. “This is too much to handle now! Looks at my condition. I’m 6 months and a few weeks gone. If I put to bed, what will I tell my child?” She said. “Wait you mean Charles hasn’t said

anything to you?” I asked. “He hasn’t said anything reasonable to me. He agreed he started dating her because of the pressures from his mother to take on a new wife.” She said. “Really? And how long has this been going on?” I asked. “Just three months before Charles and I went to see the doctor that helped to make it possible for my pregnancy.” She said. “Then let the girl leave! At least she’s not pregnant.” I said. “She is oh! She is.” She said crying. She was in so much pain and I felt for my friend. “She has been controlling Charles ever since she got there. She’s got him tied up. I don’t know what deal they had together but it has rendered him helpless. I feel for my husband. I don’t know what to do.” She said. “Look Lisa, be strong for me, for your husband and for your child. I don’t know you as a weakling. We’ll get rid of her, together we will. Just stop crying, it’ll be well.” I said trying my best to comfort her. “Do you think we should take this case to court?” She asked. “Yes. I’m a lawyer, what ever you need, I’ll do it for you freely. You’re my best friend.” I said smiling. “Well we’ll start working on it tomorrow, she can’t come and destroy my once happy home just like that. No!” She said. I was willing to help my friend in this battle, we’ve been through a lot together and this case is just one of them. I resolved to stop but nothing to get that girl out of her life.

To be continued

CrAZy VaNNeSsa

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