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Crazy Vanessa – Season 1 – Episode 4

Crazy Vannessa

Crazy Vannessa

A few years later


I was sitting in the brand new house Charles got for us. We had cars, maids, money, everything just name it. But we were lacking only one thing which was children. I wanted children of my own. My best friend, Nnenna was already pregnant and I had nothing. I mean I was happy for her but deep inside I was dying.

“Madam, your phone was ringing upstairs.” Regina, my house help said giving me my phone. “Oh who could that be?” I asked myself collecting the phone from her. Then the phone started ringing again and it was Nnenna. “Okay you can go, thank you.” I said dismissing Gina as I was fond of calling her.

Me:: Hello babe, what’s up?

Nnenna:: Everything is not fine oh. (Crying)

Me:: “What’s going on?” I asked concerned.

Nnenna:: “I think I’m in labour… I can feel my baby’s head.” She yelled over the phone.

Me:: “Okay hold on.. But your husband is not home?” I asked sounding a little panicky.

Nnenna:: “If he were home would I be calling you?! Get over here now!” She said a little rude but I didn’t blame her at that moment, she was in so much pain.

Me:: Okay hold on… I’ll be right there.

I got to her house, it was a beautiful duplex which she moved in with Chris before we did. I was wondering where Chris could be at that crucial time. I just let everything slide and took her to the hospital anyway. An hour after we got to the hospital, I called Chris to let him know what was happening and he came over as soon as possible.

“Where is my wife?” Chris yelled. “Calm down Chris! The doctors are attending to her.” I said trying to calm him down. “Thank you so much Lisa. You’re the best friend anyone could ever ask for. How can I thank you enough?” He said almost kneeling. “You don’t need to thank me, I’m her friend, I can do anything for her. Just next time, keep your phone with you just in case there’s any problem at home.” I said smiling. “Oh I have to go now. The hospital gives me the chills.” I added. After the incident with the hospital the last time that almost caused my life, I dreaded going there. I thought I had done my own part by bringing her to the hospital and now that her husband was there, my job was done. “Okay, thanks a lot once again, safe journey back home.” He said. “Thanks.” I said and left.

While driving in my car, I kept on thinking. “Why can’t I have my own kids?” I thought to myself and tears made its way down my cheeks. “No, I have to put an end to this, I have to find a solution.” I made up my mind to set out the next day in search of a solution.

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Charles and I went to different places in search of help but we never for once went to the hospital because we thought it was a spiritual related problem. We went to different pastors and they prayed for us, we went to prophets and they did their jobs we even went as far as going to a native doctor which was and is still against our Christian doctrine. I was so desperate, we were desperate and we made decisions, some good, some bad but they all resulted to nothing.

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“What a waste of money Charles.” I said to him after waiting a month like the prophet had told us. We actually gave him a hundred thousand Naira just for him to tell us to wait for a month and still, nothing happened. “Look, Lisa. I think it’s time we apply wisdom to this, I’m not a gynaecologist, I’m a neurosurgeon but I still think we need to go to the hospital to see what the gynaecologist has to say about this issue.” He said. “Do you think so?” I said looking at him with teary eyes. “Yes, I do. And whatever happens, just know that I’m always with you and won’t stop loving you okay?” He said and I nodded and we hugged.

**At the hospital**

“Doctor I want kids, why is my case so different?” I asked the doctor, her name was Sharon. “Ma’am calm down, we have to conduct series of tests to find out what’s wrong.” Doctor Sharon said. “Babe, I think we should let her do her job.” Charles said. “Okay fine.” I said looking at him. “Ma’am come, let’s go in for the test.” Sharon said and I followed her. Sharon looked like she was about my age and she was good at what she did. We were in a room where she ran the tests on me. When the results were out, she decided to have a private talk with me in that room before we went back to her office to meet my husband. “Look ma’am, we’re going to have a little chit chat before we get back to my office and I’m going to need you to be very honest with me.” She said peering into my eyes. “Of course, anything.” I said paying rapt attention to her. “My name is Sharon and I’m 28 years old.” She said smiling. “Okay good to know, I’m two years older. But why are you telling me this?” I said a bit confused. “Okay I can call you?” She asked. “Lisa. My name is Lisa Ekeh.” I said smiling at her. “Okay Lisa, there’s a little problem with your womb. It’s no more as rugged as it is supposed to be.” She said trying her very best to break it down for me. “It seems you’ve been through several abortions.” She added. Then I was already crying. “I didn’t know Sharon, I didn’t know it would render me barren, I had no idea. I never even thought I would get married. I regret every single bit of it.” I said crying. “Lisa look at what you have done to yourself, you’re now barren.” I said to myself still crying. “Look, wipe your tears okay?” Sharon said wiping my face with her hands. “Besides, I haven’t said you can’t give birth again.” She added. “Really?” I said and faced her abruptly. “Yes, you can still give birth but just this last time. And it won’t happen again.” She said. “Anything, I’ll do anything to make that happen.” I said. “Okay here’s what you have to do.” She said. She explained everything detail by detail what I needed to do. Including the intercourse styles and the exact time and day to do it. “Thank you so much Sharon. And to think it wasn’t a medical problem.” I said. “Okay, there’s no problem. Let’s go back to my office.” She said standing up and I followed behind her. “Oh finally, what took you ladies so long?” Charles asked. “Oh honey, are you crying? Why are you crying?” He said noticing the tears in my eyes. “Come here.” He said and I went to hug him and cried for a long time on his chest. He didn’t know why I was crying but he was still there to console me. When I regained my composure, we finally sat and the doctor gave us a list of drugs to buy and drink. “I assure you, if you follow my instructions, you’ll surely get pregnant. Just continue to hope in God and forget your past life. You still have one last chance.” Sharon said. “Thank you so much doctor, we really appreciate.” Charles said. Sharon and I exchanged numbers then Charles and I left.

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We were already in the car, on our way home. “Well, you and that doctor seem like you have known each other for quite a while.” Charles said. “Well, I guess we just paired well.” I said and smiled. I was finally happy that I had a chance to take in again.

CrAZy VaNNeSsa

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