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Crazy Rich Asian – Episode 5

Candy pov

“Hey bitch”i heard rissa called as i walked downstairs “Whats up girl” i replied smiling

“I heard what happened to max”she said

“That assh*le thinks he can fool me,can you imagine”i said looking at rissa

“His really smart you know,for him to be able to put up this act up till now” Rissa said

“yea thought so too”i replied

“So what you got ,am so hungry”rissa said walking to the kitchen “Let me call jame”i said bringing out my phone

“Who is james “she asked looking at me suspiciously while i ignored her “So you have replaced max so soon”rissa said

Soon james walked downstairs ,an damn this guy is so cute i have never took a second glace at him before ,gosh i have been missing a lot

“James this is my bestfriend rissa and rissa this is james my cook ” i said “So rissa james is at your servies “i added

“so what will you like to eat” james asked starring at rissa

“How about i eat you”rissa replied seductively

“er..mmm” james said stammering and scratching his hair

“Rissa” i yelled

“C’mon boy lets go to the room i promise to make you feel good”rissa said rubbing his chest and he was already sweating profusely

“Rissa he is my cook and not a call boy”i yelled

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“But he can do both ,right james”she asked while james starred at her mute

“James please prepare anything you feel like am hungry” i said and he left

“omg he is so cute ,tell me is he good “rissa blurted out immediately james left

“What you mean ,you havent done anything with him”rissa asked suprised and i nodsed

” Omg the dude is just wasting here”rissa said rolling her eyes

“Rissa james is a well behaved guy ,and not just random guys you see at the club okay,he might have a girlfriend you know”i said

“Who cares,i must have him”rissa said biting her lips

soon the food was ready and we started eating ,rissa asked james to join is amd he did while she kept talking and asking him lots of questions which he replied

And soon my phone began ringing

“i will be right there “i replied and ran into my room put on some clothes and walked out

“I need to be some where now i will see you later “i said to riss and left on my power bike

James pov

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I almost started crying when candy said she was going out i cant just stay close to this her friend rissa she is worst temptation than candy

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“Do you wanna have some fun james “she said walking up to me and sitting on my laps

“Errm ,excuse me “i said standing up

I ran to my room and locked up the door ,gosh this girls will kill me before my time

I picked my phone and entered the bathroom and called Mr Sam Hello mr sam”i said

James any update”he asked

Yes i think candy is going to her ware House were they keep drugs she just left you guys should follow her.

Thanks james “He said

one more thing mr sam”i said

what is it “he asked

Please get me out of here “i said

I will do my best james just be careful he said and ended the call Candy pov

“What do you mean the found this location”i yelled at my men “Someone gave them the information ” tim the head replied

“Ma’am the cops are on their way here ,i think they followed you” tim said operating his laptop

“Evacuate the drugs immediately ” i yelled

“Send some men to keep them busy before you guys are done”i said head to my power bike and left taking another root

soon i arrived home and rushed in locking down the whole building “Where have you been”rissa yelled standing up

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“the cops found out about the warehouse ” i said “Fu*k how did that happened” she yelled “No idea” i replied

“Were is james “i asked and her mood changed immediately “What happened between you two”i asked

“can you believe that idiot ran to his room and locked the door “rissa said angrily while i laughed my ass out

“Not funny”she fired back

Soon my phone began ringing

Have you guys evacuate”i asked

Yes but we lost a lot of men “he said

but i found a lead “he added

Who”i asked

His name is mr sam ,he has been carrying out secret investigation and tracing you”tim said

Find him and kill him immediately”I said and end the call Ten minutes later a message popped into my phone from tim “DONE ” It says and i smiled

James pov

When i heard candy came in i kept trying mr sam number but he isnt picking up

i was damn worried ,i decided to put on the tv to pass out time when i saw the shock of my life

“Mr sam is dead”

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