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Crazy Rich Asian – Episode 4

Candy pov

How the fuck did that happen”i yelled

Can you get his identity and full”I said details asap

Done ma’am and the say the person just left your building “he said

What are you waiting for ?get him and bring him to the house “i said angrily

Okay ma’am

I ran into james my cook’s room and he wasnt there ,i thought as much ,this guy just made the worstest mistake of his life

soon the door opened and my men can in

“Max” i yelled in shock

I thought it was james ,were is james then ,i heard footsteps and turned it was james and water was dripping down his hair ,its obvious he is just coming from the bathroom

“Get back”i yelled immediately and he did

“who do we have here “i said as i sat down and faced max who kneel before me

“who are you working with”i asked and he kept mute

“You know me way better than this max ,you know i dont play games ,i will blow your head off and the get the information i need “i half yelled angrily

“I was sent from asia to be a spy “he said gently and i smiled

“so the love confession was part of your job “i said and he kept mute

Typical male behaviour , take him away and kill him send his body to his people in asaia “i said standing up

“Please candy ,please spare me for good time sake ,please candy “max kept begging in tears

“this is be an example to anyone who tries to spy on me or interfare in my business”i said and walked out

i entered my room removed some candy and put them in my mouth ,then call james to prepare me something because i was really hungry

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Jame pov

I was in the bathroom when i heard my room door opened and closed ,i quickly took my bath and head down stairs ,when i saw some armed men and the guy that came earlier kneeling down with bruises on his face

“Get back”i heard candy yelled i me ,i quickly hide and began evedropping

Omg i cant believe this guy is a spy like me ,gosh and she didnt waste time is asking them to kill him am afraid that will be my fate in the next few days

I quickly ran upstairs when i heard footsteps coming,i closed my door and lay on the bed

Soon the landline rang it was candy and shes hungry again ,i head to the kitchen and began cooking

As usual i waited for her to come down stairs and tasted her food before she could continue eating ,soon she was done ,i did the dishes and ate my own food there before heading to my room

It was night time ,candy requested for only tea and some slice bread ,i served her and took mine before going to bed


i was woken by my phone and was it was from mr sam ,i couldnt pick it up because there was a cctv camera in my room ,i texted him i couldnt talk,he told me what happened to the asia detective that was sent to candy and how they found his body,he begged me to be extra careful and stay low for now

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Soon the landline ring and i knew it was only one person,she sounded so weak and she asked me to meet her in her room ,i walked there with my heat pounding

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The door slide open by itself and i walked ,the room was way beautiful and everything was white ,i guess its her best colour ,i sited a lot of candy wrap on the floor ,this girl is obsessed with candy and it might damage her tooth

“you sent for me “i said looking at her ,the bed was scattered and i sited a blood stain on the white bed sheet ,she held her stomach and groaning in pain

“I need something to eat” she said

I dont know where i got the courage from but i walked into her bathroom and prepared a warm bath for her

“You will feel less pain if you stop taking candy”i said to her and she starred at me imaging where i got the guts from

I raised her up in a bridal style and she was only a transparent nightie stained with blood ,shes such a temptation ,i took her to the bathroom and dropped her in the bathtub and left the bathroom ,i changed her bedsheet and went down stair to perpare scrambled eggs and coffee for her ,i dropped it on the table and met her already wearing a long shirt reaching her knee ,she sat on the bed and ate in silence while i watched her ,soon she was done eating i made her raise her legs up and placed them on the wall then relax her back on the pillow to reduce the pain

She lay there quietly and soon she fell asleep ,i picked the candy wrap and dropped them in the waste bin and began strolling round the house


Hours later i decided to go check on candy ,she was awake when i walked in and was operating her phone still lying down

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“Why did you do that” she asked

“Do what “i replied pretending not to know what she was talking about

And then she pointed a gun at me

“Wow easy miss,i just did what i think is right thats all ,beside it took me a long time to get this job and if anything happens to you am done”i said and she dropped the gun (Topster Stories ) Read more interesting stories @,i

walked to were she lay down and began massaging her foot and before i knew ot she fell asleep again ,i covered her with the duvet and went to prepare dinner

seriously I dont know why i did it ,and behind all this bad girl people see her as ,i see her as an amazing person

what if am in love with her i thought

That means a making a huge mistake ,how will i be able to turn her in I just need to start un loving her

Candy pov

I woke up from sleep and my stomach grumbled ,my mind drifted to james

There is something off about that guy,something i just cant place my hands on ,but anytime i look at him there is this loyalty care and love i see in his eyes

I remembered how he prepared a bath for me ,carried me and other stuffs he did no guy has ever done that or is he inlove with me ? I hope not and any game his trying to play with me is equal to him digging his grave

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