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Crazy Rich Asian – Episode 14 [Completed]

James pov

I spoke with rissa and she told me candy havent said a word to her since i left

It seems shes bothered about something and not only that her eyes have been glued to her laptop

Am sure candy already found out about my identity

I know she will try to find or maybe kill me but i dont really care right now I miss her so much,and now am back to being lonely and single

i have never really had time to love anyone due to the nature of my job am always going undercover in different countries

The only lady i once had a crush on was shot before me when we went on a mission together and now candy

unknown pov

“Have you find out his location ” i asked

“Yes sir”they replied in union

“Good carry more men then go there ,hide somewhere arround.,am sure the girl will come looking for him soon and that will be our opportunity to strike and get her “i said and they all nodded and left

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“miss candy game over”

James pov

I went out to go get something to eat at the near by eatery

Its been long ,i felt free like this and it feels so good

I head back home ,opened my door and entered ,i switched on the lights and my heart almost popped out when i saw candy

She was wearing a black outfit ,seated on my couch with a candy in her mouth and gun in her other hand

“Candy”i called softly

“Give me one reason not to kill you”she said smiling

“because i love you “i said and she chuckled

“Why didnt you turn me in “she asked again

“I couldnt ,i couldnt turn the one person i love in”i replied and she starred at me and stood up

“come close james”she said and i moved close to her

“James i dont bite”she added

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I moved more close to her,she wrapped her hands across my neck and landed her lips on mine

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I was enjoying the kiss when i heard gun shot and candy pushed me to the ground

The cops traced her here

“follow me” i said and she did

I took her through the back door and entered the woods

That was when i noticed blood in her hand

“Candy “i yelled but i guess i was late to notice she was shot ,she slumped on the floor bleeding

i quickly brought out her phone and called her boys because i couldnt take her to the hospital

Soon they arrived and the drove us back to candy house ,a doctor was already there ,she was carried to her room and the treatment began

I couldnt relax ,i couldnt stop myself from crying,i believe this is all my fault

after hours the doctor came out

“How is she “i asked immediately

“Luckily shes out of danger and will be up soon,but please dont disturb her for now”he said and i nodded

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i ran to her room and opened the door gently ,she isnt the best person on earth but i do love her

I lay on her bed besides her

Soon i felt a hand stoking my hair and opened my eyes,i cant believe i fell asleep instead of watching candy

i starred at her face as she gave me a weak smile

“I love you james”she whisphered

“I love you more candy”i said and kissed her forehead ***

Sometimes what people need is love no matter how hard they claim to be ,,you might change a person only by showing a person what to be loved really mean

Candy later stopped her lifestyle,she changed to a better person with the help of james and opened a legal business

She always visits the shelter and less privilege and turned some peoples life arround

The End

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