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Crazy Rich Asian – [Episode 1 – 14]

Crazy Rich Asian

Crazy Rich Asian


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An Asian beautiful girl named Candy, age 23 who grew in the streets with no family and no one who cared about her ,life wasnt fair to the beautiful girl and she soiled her hands doing dirty jobs ,she a know drug, assassins and nobody dares her and this made her crazily rich and feared by all ,her heart is a dark as coal but her beauty and innocence is what people who havent know her see on the outside ,she has a favourite saying “life sucks “,you might have heard of guys using and dumping girls well her case is different ,she is the one who use and dump guys “play girl”

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James cartel am young and handsome detective of 25 years ,he was really good in carrying out his duties properly and during all his task he never failed any,due to the way he got credit from his unit and some people envy him ,some people planned and he was sent to Candy to be an undercover detective and find out how she smuggle drugs and do other stuffs so she cant be caught red handed and jailed ,knowing fully well that anyone who goes near candy will be killed instantly

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But things turn arround ,They fell inlove

Do you think with the way James is committed to his job he will turn her in? Find out in the story

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