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Crazy P.A – Season 2 – Episode 7


I smirked as I watched Wendy and Rose looking at me like the want to kill me
After all of the family laughed at them they have been looking at me like I killed Jesus
“Why did you embarrass us like that” that was Wendy’s voice making me chuckle.

“I mean you could have shouted at us but not to scream like a siren” she making me and Rose burst into laughter
She glared at Rose who only rose her brows
“You are supporting him?” she asked making me chuckle

“Well I am so sorry miss me” Rose said with a giggle making me smile

“I wish I could kill you both cause you just embarrassed me infront of my cru.. goodnight lovebirds ” she said

“Wait you have a crush on Namjoon” I asked and she laughed sarcastically making me smirk

“Are you crazy like what me crush…nah” she said nervously while laughing

“One fact about Wendy Johnson…nothing but the truth makes her nervous ” I said while she clicked her tongue making me and Rose laugh

“She definitely has a crush on him” Rose said while I nodded

“Whatever ” she said walking out looking annoyed as h’ll

“Don’t worry…I will shoot your shot for you ” Rose said making me laugh
“Goodnight lovebirds” she said and I laughed while Rose joined me

“I missed you so much”i said as I stood up and i wrapped my hands around her waist

“Not the way i did ” she said and I chuckled as i kissed her.

She is irresistible and I like it… I nibbled with her lower lip and finally broke the kss but didn’t take my hand out of her nightie

I dropped her gently and laid beside her after covering us with a duvet

“I love you miss me” I said and she laughed “Copy cat” she sneered making me laugh more
“I love you more future hubby” she said and I blushed

“Awwwn he is shy” she said and I covered my face with my palms blushing more while she laughed

“Hey” I said shyly and we laughed into nothing
“Goodnight miss me” I said as I kissed her forehead and then drew her close to me by her waist

“Lol it”s 4 am” she whispered and i smiled “but our sleeping time together just started”i said and she laughed


That bch!
I fumed as I looked at the pictures of Jordan and that slimy bch on Instagram
I was really jealous and all I needed was Jordan at this moment

I know I messed up but I thought Max will give me more attention than Jordan
But i now realised I was a fool to loose that precious gem and chase after a worthless rock

He only used me for sx…I feel so used but i won’t give up till I get Jordan back

I smiled as a perfect plan entered into my head
Come to my apartments tomorrow…We need to discuss our previous business deal
I sent to Jordan with a smirk

He replied immediately making me grin. I laughed into nothing as I sipped…all his fame belongs to me and not worthless bches

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