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Crazy P.A – Season 2 – Episode 6


I watched nervously as both woman stared into each other’s eyes
I suddenly wish I didn’t come with them cause I have no idea what will happen and the anxiety is killing me

They suddenly hugged each other and me and Rose exchanged glances while smiling to each other

“I am sorry” they said at them same time and we all chuckled

They walked inside the house explaining to each other how they lived h©rribly without each other forgetting us at the doorstep
We both sighed as I wrapped my hand around her waist

“So we are going on a house tour?” I asked and she laughed “You are crazy” she said and I chuckled

“But I am being thoughtful here cause you can see that our parents are pretty busy” I said and she laughed making me glare at her cause i am sure i didn’t say say something funny

“Why are you laughing”i asked and she smiled $eductively

“Guess it’s my first time seeing you stating a fact” She said and I hit her shoulder playfully
“I always state facts” I said and she laughed sarcastically

“You wish”she said dragging my cheeks “hey” I shouted and started chasing around the house
“I wish it was dark with stars shining up there on the sky” she said as we laid on the grass

“Aww i didn’t know you like romantic things but we should probably try that and end the moment with a hot sx ” I said and she gasped
“You are so naughty”she said hitting me playfully

“But you still love me that way”i said and she smiled while hitting me playfully
“You bet I do”she said as she rested her head on my shoulders making me smile

“I love you so much Rose Turner ” I said and she blushed but quickly hid her face on my chest making me chuckle

“I love you too double J “she said and we laughed into nothing

“Love is in the air” two voices said behind and we quickly looked back to find our parents holding glasses of wine

“Awwn you still say that” my mom said “never get’s old”Mrs Turner said and they both laughed making me smile
I am so happy they resolved their issues

“Anyways sorry for disturbing you two lovebirds” mom said making us all chuckle

“But we have great news for you two” Mrs Turner said leaving me and Rose to share awkward glances

“We are going to Los Angeles ” Mom said and we all screamed in happiness
I don’t know why I screamed though…but I guess it is because Rose screamed


I smiled as we got out from our private jet…it’s nice to sniff new fresh
Both of our parents were already out including our fathers
Paparazzi rushed us asking a lot of questions which we ignored

Thanks to the securities that covered us…we got to our car and drove to the restaurant
We all agreed that we were going to eat first before we go to the mansion

Rose wasn’t even noticing me cause she was sitting between mom and her mom as they all made jokes and laughed throughout the ride…I missed her so badly..I just wanted her to be in my arms but I ignored my feelings by listening to music through my headsets


“You are totally going to buy me the hugest hotdog ” I said to Michael who rolled his eyes

“Am I your bank now?” He asked rudely as we got out from his Lamborghini

“No but you are my doctor ” I pouted while he chuckled

“You need some serious flogging for begging me with that cute pout of yours” he said and I poked him playfully as we laughed into nothing
We were about to get Inside the restaurant when some random guy dragged me back looking at me like he is seeing a ghost

“Wendy” he said and I screamed my lungs out cause I was seeing all this weird images and my head hurts like h’ll

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