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Crazy P.A – Season 2 – Episode 5


I was still cuddling with double when my phone rang

‘Mom’ was boldly written on the screen…What does my evil sister want now??

“Evil step sister” I said after answering it “Rose what is this shit I am seeing on my t.v.!”she shouted and I sighed.should have expected that from her

“Mom why shout on this cool day”i said calmly and she clicked her tongue

“Make sure you quit your job young lady cause I don’t want you near that cursed family” she said and I chuckled

“I am not a teenager mom so stop threatening me cause your threats sounds like music to my ears”i said and she kept quiet… Probably wondering what to say next

“Come home right now so we can discuss this and don’t dare say no to me cause I will disown you”she said and dropped the call

I will actually have to go there if I don’t want to be in hot soup

I am scared of my mom than anyone or anything else in this world

Actually you could say I abide by her rules because she is more of like a sister to me than a mother or is she like a best friend anyways..eitherways I respect mom more than anyone in this world and all I want for her is happiness and I know she will find it once she forgives Mrs Johnson

“Double J could you please lend me your phone”i said turning to him to find him looking at me
He took it from the small glassy table and gave it to me without saying a thing to
“Thanks but what’s the password ” I said and he shrugged

“Rose” he said with a smile and I blushed
I unlocked the phone and started scrolling the numbers
Emily caught my eyes but I just sighed and passed it and clicked Mommy while I chuckled… he still calls his mom mommy

“What’s funny?” He asked while I just rolled my eyes “Ask no questions and you will be told no lies” I sighed and he scoffed with a smile
Why is he so cute by the way
I dialed the number and she picked it up

“Cotton Candy” She said making me laugh
“It’s actually Rose”i said “Oh… how’s you my daughter in-law?” she beamed while I chuckled

“I am fine and how’s you?” I asked and I could here her giggle…I can’t believe this is the same person who left here in tears
“I am fantastic” she said in an Italian accent making me laugh

“Anyways mother in-law I called because I wanted us to go see my mom” I said and she didn’t respond…I was about to ask of she still there when she squeaked

“You will arrange that for me?” she asked and I sighed

“Yes mother in-law” I said and she giggled
“I am definitely coming like right now…don’t leave without me daughter inlaw ” she shouted before hanging up making me laugh as I went upstairs with double J trailing behind me asking questions which I literally ignored

After 10 minutes I had already changed my clothes when the door bell rang
I quickly ran to the door to find Mrs Johnson dressed in all black
We hugged each other like we haven’t seen each other in years

“I am coming along” double J said making me frown

“No we will be back before you even notice it so stay behind” I said making puppy eyes for him but he looked away from my face

“What if something happens to you…I can’t stay behind so I am coming along” he said making me blush

“Aww…love is in the air and don’t you just love love” Mrs Johnson said making us laugh
She Is definitely crazy

We drove to my mom’s mansion singing Ariana Grande songs while double J kept on complaining about our horrible voices
And every minute he did we would remind him that I told him to stay behind

We got to the mansion and Mrs Johnson was sweating and looking all nervous
I patted her and she let out a fake smile
The door opened to reveal mom…both parents looked at each other making me very nervous


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