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Crazy P.A – Season 2 – Episode 4


She laughed really hard making me feel stupid…as soon as she realised that I was not joking she cleared her throat and shifted uncomfortably

“Why cause I thought you had a girlfriend?”she said while I rolled my eyes

“I got no girlfriend Rose and you know it too that Emily is my ex so stop hiding around the bushes and tell me your answer” I said and she smirked
“No…I can never be your girlfriend “she said avoiding my gaze and I chuckled

“Does your answer really matter cause I know that no matter what you say my mom will stop at nothing until she get us married”i said and she chuckled

“So why ask when you already know I am yours?” She asked and it got me blushing cause I never thought she would say something like that

I bit my bottom lip seductively making her smile “Well I guess I just wanted you to know that you mean a lot to me and what I have for you is more than love…You are the first woman to make me feel complete and I won’t trade you for anything else like I would even kill for you”i said and she shed tears and kssed me catching me off guard

I kssed her like my life depended on it and those butterflies came back again

This time it was more like we were expressing our feelings to each other…it felt different and more erotic from others like it was my first kss…we broke off the kss and started panting for breath

“I love you” she whispered making me smile…it really felt more than good hearing it from her mouth
“I love you more sweetheart” I said and she blushed as we laughed into nothing


“Who are you?” The doctor asked for the fifth or tenth time

“I am me or am i you…i guess i am we”i said and he shrugged hitting his forehead playfully
I guess I am really annoying him and I like it
“Not again okay so do you remember anything?”he asked and I smiled sweetly

“I only see your gorilla face whenever I try to get my memory back”i said and he hissed while I chuckled

“I am more handsome than any guy in the world…You are even drooling” he said while I rolled my eyes
“Why would I drool on a wasted kind”i said and he gasped while I chuckled

“I am sure ghosts run away before they could even scare you cause you look like a 1 million years old skeleton” I said and he scoffed

“That’s it” he said and took out the syringe…he was about to inject me but I turned it and it pierced on his butt

“Jesus!” He shouted like he was shot while I laughed

Nurses came running with doctors..they saw me laughing and they joined me forgetting that gorilla was in pain
Guess my laugh is irresistible

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