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Crazy P.A – Season 2 – Episode 2


I was scared as h’ll when she stood up and went to kitchen without saying a word
I looked at Jordan worridly and he furrowed his brow

She soon came back with a glass of milk… “I am so sorry for scaring you all” she said with a big smile confusing me as h’ll
.she was looking like she saw a ghost some few minutes ago and now she is smiling like she owns the world

“It is just that I was shocked…I never thought I could see your mother or any relative of hers after she told me she hated me and i disgust her” she said and I gasped
…mom said all of that

“I am out of here” double J said climbing the stairs while Mr Johnson followed behind.
i just noticed that Mr Johnson is a quite person but he is funny when he wants
…and anyways today it’s Sunday so it’s no work day for us

“Mom said that?”I asked pretty shocked while Mrs Johnson chuckled painly.
why is she sour about what mom said to her

“Well I never blamed her even though she was a little bit harsh cause it was all my fault” she said making me eager to here more

“How was it your fault?”i asked lowly and she looked at me.
pain was all written on her face

That fun filled Mrs Johnson I knew was gone and was replaced by the one full of pain and sorrows.

..I now understand what they meant when they said behind someone’s biggest smile there are one thousand hidden feelings

“Well you will probably hate me after this…when we were in high school we were the number one female besties like so popular for our craziness and we were so inseparable..but there was this one time that your mom met this handsome guy called Will “she said as she looked down

“They became really close than anything and they ended up dating… I was really supportive about their relationship cause Will was the cutest guy at our high school and he was really popular for his dancing and baseball skills”she said and smiled painfully while closing her eyes

“So as you know that high school students like going to parties…there was this one time that we went to a party and I drank too much alcohol causing Will to take advantage of me and he took my innocence and your mom caught us and that’s how we became enemies”she said releasing the tears she has been holding for a long time..I quickly hugged her cause I knew she needed it right now

It wasn’t her fault but mom has a right to be angry but she should have also looked at the matter before flaring up cause losing a bestfriend that trusted and loved you it’s the worst thing…

this days there are no longer loyal friends and I can feel Mrs Johnson’s pain even though I never had a bestfriend. Don’t blame me,I just have trust issues.some people say your bestfriend could be your worst nightmare and I trust them

“Who the fuck is Will?” Mr Johnson’s angry voice shouted
He has been listening all along
“Errm…n–o o-n-e” Mrs Johnson stuttered

“Angel don’t you dare lie to me!” He shouted making me flinch
Why are they releasing the opposite sides of themselves

“Stop shouting and stay calm” Mrs Johnson said wiping her tears

“How do you expect me to stay calm when someone did shit to my wife…someone took advantage of you Angel!” he shouted while his face was already red
Even a blind man would see his anger

“I was still a nitwit okay? I knew nothing about life so it’s in the past…Let’s stop bringing back the past and focus on the future” Mrs Johnson half yelled face plaming is obvious that it is hard for her to talk cause tears are still flowing from her eyes

Mr Johnson on the other hand was trying to calm down .. he was really angry like jealous…many emotions on his face…is this how someone who loves you behaves when he finds out that someone hurt you
Well better find love soon
‘It’s not the time mind’ I warned my mind

“Mom can you just stop killing him with anxiety and tell him who fuckin took advantage of you” Double J’s voice echoed and that is when I realised he was standing on the stairs looking handsome as hell

I bit my lower lip checking him out… why does he fuckin look more handsome…he caught me staring and he winked at me causing me to roll my eyes

“It’s not the time” i mouthed while he shrugged
“Fine” Mrs Johnson said…I can’t believe she listens to double J more than she listens to her husband

“Your bestfriend. Will Jackson”i gasped. That is Max’s father


I woke up due to the beeping sounds of the machines around me

“She is awake”someone shouted causing me to groan cause my head felt like h’ll
What happened to me and where am

I…but the main question is what’s my name?
I opened my eyes slowly groaning cause it felt like it’s been years since I opened them…I was blinded by the sunlight and i groaned closing my eyes

I blinked for few seconds and finally opened my eyes to meet an old woman and a teenage looking boy looking at me.

“Oh my god granny..she is awake after 2 long years” the young teenage boy shouted causing me to groan “Doctor” he shouted adding more headache

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