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Crazy P.A – Season 2 – Episode 10 [Completed]


“So where are we going” I asked Jordan who was busy looking at me “Just be patient babe” he said

“You know you could just take a picture”i said in a chuckle while he rolled his eyes laughing dryly

He took out his phone and started taking pictures of my body,my face and my chest making me laugh

“You are not being serious right now…”i said
and he chuckled still taking his pictures

“You said I could just take pictures so here we are”he said dramatically and I laughed while he joined

We are actually in a limo and I don’t even know where we are going
I was just told to dress my best and hop in the limo…like seriously who does that

“What are you thinking about “he asked focusing his eyes on my chest making me chuckle
Why can’t he just take his eyes off my chest

“About when you are actually going to stop looking at my chest like you are seeing…like I just don’t know how to explain it”i said and he chuckled and ignored my statement

“I,I love you like a love song babe”i sang lowly
“You are making noise ” he said making me roll my eyes
“Like you own my voice”i said and he looked at me.

“Rose if you were to get married which age would you want to get married” he asked and I looked at him dumbfounded

Why would he ask that “27 to 30” I said and he shrugged hitting his forehead and then said something that i couldn’t really understand
Like I don’t really know which language he spoke
But it sounded more like Korean or is it

Spanish or Japanese… I sighed as I peeped into his phone to see that he was looking at the pictures he took
So I just rested my head on his laps while he caressed my hair


“Dad what did you do?”I asked as I looked at him through the jail bars
I hate to admit it but he looks miserable in this cell

“Something stupid you wouldn’t be happy about”he said and I sighed as I ran my hands through my hair frustratedly

“I am a big boy now and not some silly teenage boy”i said with an eye roll

“Okay Max but please take care of my businesses cause I will be here for 10 good years”he said and my mouth opened in shock but I just nodded slowly

“I rapped Jordan’s mom back in high school and his dad made sure I end up here” he said and I felt my tears falling down from my eyes

“Dad how could you?”i asked backing away from the bars

“I was a teenager okay and you know that we all go through that stupid thing called adolescent” he said and I sighed frustratedly
More reasons for Jordan to see me as a low life

Why is my life so messed up…why did it have to be Mrs Johnson….I mean it could have been someone else but here we are
I sighed as I started taking slow steps to the door

“Take care of my businesses” he said and I slowly looked at him
He disgust me..he never raised me to become a better person…all I learnt from him is to be a player and how to make money

He never set a good example to me…instead he trained me to be the worst I could ever…he made me believe pride comes first…I am even sure he killed my mom

I smiled painfully as more tears flowed from my eyes ..he doesn’t deserve to be loved cause he is the dev1l himself…all the girls I broke thinking it was how a man must act

I wiped my tears as i looked at him to find him crying
“Come visit in a while”he said as I finally opened the door


This is probably the worst or the best day of my life
I sighed as we sat in a highly decorated restaurant

Just the two of us…Yeah I just booked it to avoid unnecessary attention
“So why didn’t you tell me we are going to a date?” She asked furrowing het brows

“Cause I wanted it to be a suprise”i said and she smiled

“Whoa i am surprised ” she said dramatically and I laughed

“You are really crazy” I said and she rolled her eyes in a chuckle
“Hmm” someone cleared her throat and we looked up to find a waitress smiling really hard at us

“Omg I can’t believe I am talking to you guys but okay ah eat i mean what eat..dmn it Linda i thought we practiced this” she said and we bursted into uncontrollable laughter while she flushed and embarrassed smile

“So sorry guys…it’s just that I am a big fan”she said “We understand” we both said at the same time and looked at each while blushing

“Awwwn…what are you guys going to eat?”she asked and I looked at Rose

“I think I am just going to go with stew beef” Rose said and the waitress looked at me expecting me to say my order

“Same”i said and they both smiled
I signalled the waitress to come closer and I whispered into her ear and gave her my special gift while she smiled brightly

“I am totally getting autographs and tons of pictures after this “she said runing away while I laughed

I looked at Rose to find her glaring at me…”What?” I asked and she shrugged and said nothing as she started biting her natural nails

“Someone is jealous”i said and she shrugged while I laughed
I think I like the jealous Rose more.. I started teasing her till the waiter came back

“Here is your orders lovelies” the waitress said while Rose just looked at her like she would kill her any minute

“Hey stop with your looks it actually makes you less pretty” the girl said and Rose smiled and started eating

“Rose are you still mad I whispered into her ear…I mean it was just a whisper like nothing serious “I said and she scoffed while showing me her middle finger making me burst into uncontrollable laughter

“What the h’ll”she said as she took out a shining diamond ring from her mouth making me smile while going on my knees immediately

“Rose Turner will you make me the happiest man and marry me” I said and she was already shedding tears

I slowly took the ring from her while she kept on shouting yes and hugged me after I slipped it in

“Awwn” I heard my family’s voices…they have actually been here for 1 hour cause I informed them early in the morning about my plans.

This is actually the best day of my life..Finally I got engaged to my CRAZY P.A and I promise to stay by her side throughout the bad and the good.


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