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Crazy P.A – Season 2 – [Episode 1 – 10]

Crazy P.A

Crazy P.A


We laughed out loudly as we made breakfast…after our dancing scene Mrs Johnson insisted that I help her in making breakfast.

And now she was telling me a story of how she pranked her boring maths teacher back in high school

She is really fun and sometimes I wish double J and I could exchange parents
“So he was like…Angel open your eyes and look at me or…” she said and I looked at her expectedly

“So I said or what and he did the unexpected by rolling his eyes on me and calling me a tiny nitwit ” she said making me gasp

“Yes baby he did and I waited for break time…like I expected he was going to go to the restroom so I shifted all pipes of the teacher’s restroom”she said and I chuckled

“As we all ate in the cafeteria he ran in naked while speaking in tongues while he was beautifully decorated by poop” she said dramatically and I bursted into laughter
She started telling me about how double J grew so we forgot about the whole food thing and laughed our asses out

I told her about my pranks at high school too and she laughed….we were still laughing when we saw smoke

“Food!”we both shouted and ran to the kitchen…when we got there we splashed wine making the fire worse

We heard footsteps “What the hell is going on here” that was double J’s voice…we coughed as Mr Johnson poured water at the pots

“Do you want to burn my house?” Double J shouted making both of us chuckle
We looked at each other and bursted into laughter

“That was fun “I said between my uncontrollable laughter

“Yeah we should do that every morning “Mrs Johnson said between her own laughter
Double J and Mr Johnson looked at us like we had gone nuts

They scoffed at the same time
“Now what are we going to eat for breakfast?” Mr Johnson pouted cutely and we chuckled including double J

“Let’s just order breakfast and stop being kids”Mrs Johnson said as she took out her phone

“Let’s take a picture for my Instagram first “Mrs Johnson beamed while double J groaned
We posed as she took a selfie of all of us making funny faces towards the burnt food
We laughed into nothing after she posted it.

Why do I suddenly feel safe around them
After few minutes of waiting for the orders while making jokes and laughing the door bell finally rang

“I will open it” Mrs Johnson said and ran to it before I could object
“Ahhh”we had a scream and we all rushed to the door to find a nerdy looking girl hugging Mrs Johnson

She was clad in McDonald’s uniform…I chuckled when she suddenly rushed to me hugging me
After that she rushed to Mr Johnson then to double J
We all looked at her weirdly while she beamed in excitement

“Oh my god…I am a big fan of this family.i love you all and I reacted to a picture of your burnt breakfast…oh my god”she screamed again and we bursted into laughter

“You are so cute”i said and she smiled shyly “thank you…oh my god this is the best day ever..can’t believe Rose said I am cute”she said making us laugh again

I think there are a lot of crazy people in this world
We took pictures with her and finally went inside with the orders
Does this mean my life is going to change cause from the looks of it it’s like I am already famous

“Let’s dig in” Mrs Johnson shouted as we began to eat while sitting in the living room

She switched on the t.v. and our picture with the burnt food was displaying on the t.v.
From the looks of it. Mrs Johnson is finally showing her fans her private life cause yesterday she posted a picture of her daughter inlaw with her son.and today it was a cute and funny picture of her beautiful family show casing their burnt food

..The lady said and I looked at Mrs Johnson and she winked at me making me blush but why are people assuming that i am double J’s wife
Cute indeed…it is not a shocker that the two children are married cause both Mr Johnson’s son who’s name is Jordan and Mr Turner’s daughter who’s name is Rose are both cute and both families are rich…and I think Angel and Grace are bestfriends who just decided to get their children married because of of richness

…The man said making the lady laugh
“Wait!!You are Grace Turner’s daughter “Mrs Johnson asked ..Shock written all over her face…I nodded and her milkshake slipped from her hands crashing on the floor

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