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Crazy P.A – Season 1 – Episode 9


We were sitting in the living room after eating lunch…we were watching football and Rose was damn bored that she kept tossing and turning while me and Kelvin laughed silently

“I am still hungry”Rose said and I rolled my eyes

“We ain’t your mommy so deal with it”i said and Kelvin gave me a high five
“Rude stupid boys”she said and walked into the kitchen

“This soccer match is boring…want to do something fun guys”Rose shouted coming from the kitchen with an apple
What Is up with her and apples

“Go to h’ll Rose” Kelvin said making me chuckle as we did a high five again
“Are you guys trying to annoy me”she said as she came infront of us

“Nah”we said at the same time and laugh into nothing

“I will just go hang out with Max since you guys are assholes at least he listens and plays with me”she said and we snapped our heads at her at the same time

“What do you want to play?”i asked switching off the t.v. while Kelvin whined like a baby
“Hide and seek”she said making me and Kelvin burst into laughter

“You play that with Max?”Kelvin asked and I couldn’t help but laugh more
“Yeah we do and when we find each other we make out and…”

“Too much details” Kelvin interrupted making me fake a chuckle
Don’t know why it hurts when she says they make out
Oh god!!!

“Let’s play a more mature game like truth or dare”Kelvin said and Rose pouted her lips childishly making her more cute

“Are you saying I am not mature”she said faking tears as she munched her apple

“No I am trying to say that the game you mentioned is for lovers ain’t I right

Jordan”Kelvin asked me and I frowned
Why did he have to drag me into this “stupid lovers”i said and Rose gasped

“How dare you insult me and my future hubby…you spoit brat”she said and threw the apple on my forehead and it hurts but not as my heart cause she said Max is her future hubby

“I am sorry” she said when she realised she just hit my forehead but I just scoffed

“Let’s play truth or dare…if you don’t want to answer or do the challenge someone gave you…you drink a shot but you drink only five shots…so use your shots wisely”i said and walked upstairs to my bar room
I took one bottle of vodka with it’s 3 small glasses and returned downstairs to find them talking about me

“He is so weird” Rose said and Kelvin chuckled
“He’s been like that since a young age…sometimes he laughs and sometimes he snubs”he said

“That sounds more like a lunatic “Rose said and I frowned while Kelvin laughed
“But if he asked you out you would say yes”Kelvin said making Rose smirked

“Maybe,maybe not”she said leaving me to think about what she meant
That is why I hate eavesdropping…people tend to talk in parables making you have anxiety

I just sighed as I walked in “You are finally back after 1 hour…were you healing your forehead”she said with a wink and i smiled…blushed to be precise

“No I was still choosing panties for you to wear tomorrow since you didn’t bring yours with you”i said and she blushed really hard
“Well I hope you chose the red one cause you know “she winked biting her lower lip making me groan…I sure love her flirty mode

“You bet sweetheart “i said with a wink making her blush more

“You guys still realise that I am here right?”Kelvin’s annoying voice echoed and I looked at him to find him smirking
I wish I could just beat him to death…like why in the whole world did he have to ruin the moment


I had already drunk all of my five shots because they kept asking me the same questions like have you slept with Max…when did you lose your vrgnity

And you can’t expect me to tell them that I was a vrgn at 22
I sighed as it was my turn again cause I was finished if they ask me stupid questions

“Truth or dare”Kelvin asked with a smirk “Truth “I said and I saw a dev!lish smirk on double J’s face

“Dmn I have been waiting for this moment”he said and Kelvin chuckled
“Have you had sx with Max?”Kelvin asked and I faked a cough

“Ain’t there the sixth shot?”i asked but they shook their head in disagreement

“Well…no”i said and they grinned which is weird
“Let’s move on to the next person which is double J “I said avoiding their grinning faces
“Truth or dare”i asked and he smiled out dimples

“Truth”he said happly…why does he look so happy all of a sudden

“How many girls have you slept with”i asked and he started coughing and looked at Kelvin who smirked like he wanted to burst into laughter

“15”He said and my eyes widened “What…I didn’t know man whore existed”i said making Kelvin laugh
“No judging” double J said and I scoffed….15 like really??

“My turn to ask” He said breaking the silence.
“Truth or dare” he asked Kelvin
“Dare” Kelvin said boldly

“I dare you to twerk” He said making me burst into laughter
Kelvin shrugged and started twerking as we laughed our a$$es out

That was so awful to watch
“Time for me to ask so truth or dare”Kelvin asked

“Dare”i said
“I dare you to kiss Jordan “he said with a smirk

“What”we both shouted but it increased his smirk.
“Kss”he said

“Okay…double J close your eyes”i said and the stupid infront of me closed his eyes

“Kss him”i whispered to Kelvin “What ?”he whispered back

“I’ll pay you please “I put on the best puppy dog eyes

“Fine”he whispered back and kissed double J…so gross
I couldn’t hold it but laugh “eww..Kelvin “Double J shouted pushing him back glaring at me while I laughed

“Rose!”he shouted and I ran upstairs still laughing…they are g.ays

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