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Crazy P.A – Season 1 – Episode 6


Kelvin laughed as i told him what happened leaving the Max part aside
“This girl will be the end of you”he said with a smirk

“I know “I said smiling at him…”but she is cute though….have been wondering if she is taken so that I could shoot my shot”he said and I took my phone out and looked at him with the corner of my eyes

“She is taken “I said and started scrolling at nothing on my phone…I just didn’t want to look at him…who knows what my face looks like cause I can’t even think straight of what is going on

“WHAT !”he said holding his mouth and I looked at him “whoa dude you look like you want to kill someone what’s up with you cause you were fine few minutes ago”he said and I just rolled my eyes…I wish I could explain my sudden change of mood
But I can’t…I don’t know why I am angry at this moment
“She is dating Max Jackson “I said out of no where

“WTF!”Kelvin said and stood up running his hands through his hair
“You have to warn her Jordan…that guy broke my sister and your ex girlfriend too”he said and I just stood up and walked upstairs… there he goes bringing back old memories

“Jordan!”he shouted but I just went to the bar in my secret room
“Jordan why do you have to drink whenever you are angry”he said behind me…he sounds really pissed

He sighed and took his own glass and pouring whisky..gulping it down on the same time making me chuckle and then we laughed into nothing

“Jordan I really don’t want Rose to experience the same pain…Max just want to sleep with her and then dump her…I still remember how my little sister wept all night causing me to cuddle with her all night…in her sleep talk she would say how she loved him cause he was so caring handsome and all that sht and trust me you don’t want Rose to experience the same pain “he said making me sigh loudly

I really hate Max…he annoys me more than anything…but what would I do to him cause I don’t want to kill another soul…it will only add pain…I hate the way he thinks he owns the world

“I don’t care about Rose’s personal live…It’s not like she would listen to me by the way it seems like they already did all the bed stuff cause the way he looks at her is so sincere”i said gulping the whole bottle of vodka

Kelvin sighed and hit the counter frustratly “i swear I am going to kill that idi©t when I see him cause he hurt my sister so deeply ” he said…at least you still have a sister.i said in my mind and sighed

I groaned as my head banged like h’ll…How many bottles did I take yesterday
Kelvin’s sister came to take him in the middle of our drinking session…that is the only thing I remember

I sighed as I took a bath and wore my work clothes and took my suitcase
I have no guards because i like my own privacy and I once hired many of them and they stole from me

The one secret about me is that I have tons of businesses with fake names so that I can not have many enemies

I just pretend like I am still a millionaire while in real life I am too close to becoming a zillonaier..I chuckled at my own thoughts

The only person who knows is Emily and i hope she doesn’t tell a soul cause I hate having enemies

I sighed as I checked Rose’s office to find it empty
I went to office to meet with a familiar scent

“No it can’t be…Emily?”I said trying to clarify myself and she turned with a full grin coming to hug me and I returned the hug…her blonde her shined making her blue eyes shine but I swear Rose’s green eyes looked more cute to me

she really felt like Rose and I stupidly wished It was Rose but wait what is she doing here..I quickly pushed her away


I hummed the lady gaga song as I walked through the hallway

“I just want to be loved “I shouted and laughed to myself…I love this song…it sounds good even though the lyrics don’t match my situation but I still love stupid love

“Nobody is gonna kill me if I don’t open the door “I shouted again and I was surprised No one told me to shut up

I was really bored and non of the workers seemed to care about me and my craziness…I was just bored that I wanted to fight with someone

“I just want to be loved “I shouted again and started dancing to nothing when someone pushed me to the ground
Her hair was blonde with blue eyes…I am going to kill this bch and I don’t even know her

“Can’t you see you horrible voice Is waking your ancestors from death stupid skinny froggy thing ” she said moving her hair and eyes arrogantly

I just looked at her and she made me angry…I just wanted to jump on her and beat her till death took her away

I don’t know but no one has never talked to me like that…not even one of my single bosses
She tried to walk away and I dragged her hair making her scream in pain

“I am not your maid and you are going to kneel here and apologize “I said with rage and she laughed sarcastically making me more angry

“I am Emily Hudson why would I bow to a low life like you when you are owned by my lovely boyfriend “She said and I kicked her knees making her kneel down but she was still stubborn as she called me a $lut

I slammed her head to the wall cause we were close to it

“Apologize for calling me all those bchy names”i said but she spat on my shoes
I dragged her hair and she screamed again “okay I am sorry “She said making me chuckle

“That’s a good girl…now walk out of this dmn mansion and know that no stinky a$$ messes with Rose Turner and get away”i said pushing her causing her to fall flat on the floor

“Rose!”that familiar voice shouted and I turned giving him a glare…I am angry at him ….why in the world didn’t he tell me he had a girlfriend

I rolled my my eyes and pushed him out of my way making my way to my office

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