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Crazy P.A – Season 1 – Episode 4


I started finding it hard to breath so I took long breaths to help me

Through all the time the witch was busy staring at me while pouting her lips..I must admit that she is really cute

“Nigga stop staring at my lips cause you will never get the taste”she said jumping up and which made the whole situation funny cause she was still in diapers

Like diapers of a new born baby….oh my god…I don’t know but thinking about it I burst out laughing

“Okay my boss is going crazy “She muttered to herself coming out from the baby bed

This girl is creepy…how did she find out that I was going to come to work at this time…or has she been in there since morning
I sighed as I saw she was going to the door…I put my leg infront of her and she fell flat on the floor

“Ahh”she screamed while I laughed…”That is for scaring the shit out of me” I said and took out my phone as I stood up

I started taking pictures of her with her unware of it ..”Hey Rose”i said and she looked at me
I captured all of her body parts and face and ….this is going to be the best for my plan
I chuckled to myself while she rolled her eyes

“Creepy boss”she muttered to herself “I heard that”i said as I rolled my eyes “I know”she said
“Where are my files”i said changing into the bossy mode

“In the store room”she said nodding her head like she is listening to music…the same way Wendy did when she was starving
“You are hungry ???”i asked and she just grinned looking over me

“How did you know??”she asked like she was waiting for me to ask her that question for years

“I read minds”i said and she rolled her eyes…”I knew you would say something dumber than your face”she muttered to herself
“I heard that !!”i hissed at her “I know”she hissed back

“Let’s go for lunch then “I said and she jumped on me laughing crazy

“I love you…I love you…I love you”she said as she kssed all over my face

“I can see that you love me because of food”i said and she chuckled
“You are paying right?”she asked furrowing her brows

“Yeah”i said calmly switching my phone off after texting my manager to fix the mess
“Yipee!”she shouted and ran to her office to change I guess

I got out and went to the reception to find the receptionist awake
“Boss??when did you come In?”She asked in a flirty manner

“The time you were busy snoring like a volcano”i said and she got embarrassed so she kept quiet and focused on her work
I hate this workers of mine they are all flirty which Is the total opposite of Rose…I so wish everyone was like her

“Okay nigga let’s go”Rose chipped on making the receptionist frown while she gave her,her middle finger making me chuckle

“So where are we going”she said “You will see when we get there “I said and she clicked her tongue and started walking infront of me

She was wearing a short yellow dress and I must say that she look hot in it

I opened the car door for her and she jumped in while I just walked to my side of the car
I entered and started driving …”So why did you come late at work”she asked with a smirk

“I was busy”i said while she just laughed…throughout the drive to the restaurant Rose kept asking questions while I answered dishonestly

I arrived and opened the door for her as we made our way through the the restaurant

“Wow…how much do you make per month?”she asked while I just chuckled…isn’t that private…I just kept quite and she kept quiet too

The waiter came to our table as we sat at the corner in the restaurant

“Good day sir and madam”she said looking at and me…I know those eyes…what is it with this women throwing themswlves at me
Why isn’t Rose doing the same…not like I wanted her to do the the same by the way

“I am right here miss waiter “Rose said snapping her fingers

“Leave my brother alone cause you will get burned and infact he is married and even if he wasn’t married he was never going to look at you twice cause you look like a boiled cucamber”she said making me crack

“I will have all this things on the menu and just in case you want to know…my brother is full”she said focusing on the menu

The waitress scoffed and walked away ” Why did you have to be mean to her or where you jealous ” I said with a smirk and she rolled her eyes

“Why would I be jealous when I have a boyfriend…speak of the devil”She said with a grin and quickly ran to the guy at my back

They kssed and it was displeasing to watching…as they broke the kss I saw my worst nightmare smirking at me.

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