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Crazy P.A – Season 1 – Episode 3

I sniffed even though there was no tears in my eyes…I sat like a Muslim as I watched double J and Kelvin laugh
“Who did this to my sweet humble babe”i said in a terrifying voice and they went shut as they looked at me

“Someone is so going to get it”i said as I stood up and went to double J’s office as they followed me
Why aren’t they going home ???

I shrugged the thought off….that was the most loved thing of mine because my mature boyfriend got it for me

Yeah I have a boyfriend and I don’t like talking about him cause when I am around him I found myself acting all normal and mature…he is like the only person who can tame my craziness…and to say I love him I would be lying cause I just like him and love is a huge word…he owns many restaurants in New York so he is freaking rich

I sighed heavily as I sat on double J’s office chair “What are you doing?”Double J asked sounding scared for some reason

“I am going to find out who the fuck had nerves to kill my sweet humble baby”i said as I went through the laptop

“I wanna pee”Kelvin said and quickly walked to the bathroom in the office”Me too “double J said and quickly walked into the bathroom

Are they gays or what cause I can hear them locking the door
Enough about them…time to find out the car

murderer..I took the footage back to find out that it was those two niggas

That’s why they have been acting weird…”Niggas”i banged on the door like a crazy woman

“Come out of here you idi©t “I banged on the door again but they still didn’t open

This niggas will know me well today
I started kicking the door “You will come out…I won’t go till you come out..You act cool but you guys are so childish..
Killing my sweet humble car…You will pay”i shouted and I heard them burst into laughter
I angrily sat down as I muttered and cursed many things
I woke up to find the bathroom door open
“…why did I sleep “I cursed as I hit my forehead more than enough times
I switched on the lights and ran to the store room to find the left over paints

I started painting the office…I wrote things like Barbie,double J,nigga, and lame boss not forgetting 1 inch dk

I took all his working equipment to the store room
I looked outside the window to see it was pretty dark

I smirked as I thought of a plan…they think that they have won…I am going to show them who is the queen of pranks

I quickly ran to a nearby baby shop…I bought baby beds and diapers together with glitter and toys…this i going to be fun
I decorated his office and I think it took up to 2 hours…finally I was done…can’t believe I left my phone at home

I walked downstairs and saw a note on the exit door…’THERE IS A WHITE CAR OUTSIDE INCASE YOUR CAR IS STILL DEAD SIGNED BY YOUR BOSS’ We will see who is the boss
I smirked as I thought of his reaction when he see his beautiful office tomorrow

I said goodbye to the guards as i hopped into the white limo…who goes home by a limo…my stupid boss isn’t stupid for nothing after all

I sighed as I gave the driver my address and rested my head on the car sit.Can’t believe I am still sleepy….

After some few minutes the car stopped infront of my family’s mansion..I got out to find my evil step sister sitting infront of the main door

I am just too tired to talk….”I was so worried about you thinking your boss finally killed you”she said as she hugged me making me chuckle…so I am going to do this once I have a child…hell no to motherhood
“You care too much evil step sister “I said yawning

“It’s my job to care and who’s car was that “She asked wiggling her brows…I know she thinks it belongs Max which Is my boyfriend

“It belongs to my boss mom”i said and she frowned “are you cheating on your husband to be”she asked as she looked at me in the eyes

“Why would I cheat and FYI(for your information)Max and I will never get married cause it is just for fun”i said and she raised her hand to slap my head while I ran away laughing

“Sweet dreams Rose!”she shouted after me “night evil step sister! “I shouted “dream about

Max!”She shouted again “You know I will!”i shouted back making the both of us laugh
I ran to my room and took a quick bath before jumping on my bed..


I got ready for work by 12:00pm….I am really scared of Rose
What if she kills me…I was supposed to be at work by 6 a.m but I delayed because of the outcome

I drove slowly to work…I wish I could just skip work but no i got a lot of files to work on
After about an hour which felt like a minute i finally arrived

I got out and I swear even ants could see that I was shaking and scared

I walked slowly and tried to put on the scary face I put everyday but no….instead I put on a face of a scaredy cat…thank god the lady at the reception was asleep and everyone was in their offices

I finally arrived at my office to find everywhere painted pink and yellow with baby toys and all of the baby stuffs

I laughed so much that my ribs started hurting
Was this supposed to be a prank…I really expected more from her

I went to the baby bed trying to push it out of the way but the unexpected happened
“Hello boss “Rose stood up from the bed wearing a baby shirt and a huge diaper
“Ahhh!!!”I screamed as I fell unto the floor with shock

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