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Crazy P.A – Season 1 – Episode 2

After 3 hours of answering my boss’s calls and doing his work for him he finally came out looking pale as hell

“Are you better now nigga?”i asked trying to hold my laugher …he smirked as he looked at me
Okay…he is creepy

“Are you hungry cause I am sure you took all the food out or where you short of the toilet paper….”i said again hoping he could say something but no he just looked at me while he rested his body on the door frame of his bathroom or whatever thing he calls it

“Oh i understand why you are so sour….You touched your own poop”i said and laughed uncontrollably but he still kept his scary face

That is my cure to leave…I ran like I was being chased by my 1 000 000 years old ancestors

He will not kill me yet…i bumped into his best friend Kelvin but I pushed him aside causing him to fall

I didn’t care as I still ran outside…all people in the business mansion were looking at me weirdly as I ran till I got to my beautiful car

“That nigga will not kill me”i said as I patted my car like it was understanding what I was saying
I breathed in and out till I finally bounce walked inside like nothing happened

My apple was not on his table…so he ate it…my boss is a jeez who eats food from his workers..I was still going to collect it for my lunch

He needs some serious flogging for making me run like that

I couldn’t stop myself but laugh till I fell flat on the floor

She was so scared and it makes me feel proud…I feel like I won 10 billion dollars

My door burst open and I quickly composed myself thinking it was her again but to my surprise it was Kelvin
I scoffed and he rolled his eyes..”Don’t tell me you are still angry at me”he said and I just sat down

“You flirted with Rose infront of me..couldn’t you do it anywhere else”i said trying hard to not sound harsh
“But Jordan…You never cared when I flirted with your co-workers why do you care now?”he asked and I just kept quite

“Okay then..I am so sorry what can I do to prove that I am sorry”he said and I quickly stood up with a huge grin
“We are going to remove her car wheels and paint her car yellow and pink…you know she hates colorful colours”i said and he looked at me in shock
“What did this girl do to you?”he said and I just smiled

“Kelvin she reminds me of Wendy..they are literally the same…don’t you think I would have fired her long ago…but no I kept her cause she fills my heart with joy…she is the only person to make me smile after three years…the only person to fill Wendy’s crazy space in my heart”i said and I realized that I have been crying

Kelvin hugged me and I just cried…incase you are wondering..Wendy was my lovely and crazy sister.. even though we always fought and pranked each other..we loved each other dearly and shared each other’s craziness

But her psycho boyfriend had to ruin it all by killing her…I couldn’t cope anymore as I killed him with my bare hands

I am not a killer but I killed him and it didn’t make me feel better…instead it made me feel worse and after her death I couldn’t smile or laugh with anyone

I hated everyone but Rose changed it all…”Okay let’s go”Kelvin said as he disengaged the hug
I kept on the cold and scary face again as we walked to her office
She was sleeping so we went outside as everyone bowed when we passed through
“This will be fun!”i shouted as I looked at the two paints we bought from a nearby store
“What did you do to her earlier cause she was running like she saw a ghost”he asked and I laughed remembering her reaction earlier
After i explained everything to him he started laughing and he fell flat on the floor

“So she did all that to you”he said still laughing while I frowned
“It is not funny”i said finishing my work at the car

“It is funny…like you took everything out in 3 hours… oh my god”he laughed

While I just chuckled regretting why I told him in the first place
Soon we were done and we went back to my office

He helped with most of my work since he was done with his own work at his own business

“What’s up niggas”Rose shouted sitting on Kevin’s laps
I frowned…why does she like flirting with him so much

“Hey babes…You knocked me out earlier “Kelvin said faking a frown..all this while I just pretended like I was busy with work but I was looking at them with the corner of my eyes

“Sorry sweetheart is just that I saw a huge skeleton which looked like a baboon”she said causing Kelvin to burst into uncontrollable laughter cause he knew she was referring to me

I glared at her But she pretended like she didn’t see my glares “Wish I could see the skeleton baboon too “Kelvin said making me more annoyed

“Well it is still here..If you look well you could just see it infront of you”she said and I banged my hands on the table causing her to chuckle
“What’s the problem double J…is your ass still paining you?”she asked and Kelvin laughed out loudly

That’s it…I stood up and she quickly pecked Kelvin’s cheek and stood up”see you later babes and nigga my work for today is done”she said and walked our

“Even mine is done so let’s go”i said with a smirk
“Okay babes stand up”she shouted excitedly and dragged Kelvin up

Kelvin wrapped his arms around her waist…it’s not a big deal..I assured myself as we walked out till we got outside the mansion

Rose suddenly shouted “No!”
She ran to her car and went on her knees…”my baby!”She shouted and rolled on the floor like a psycho
It took everything inside of me to not laugh

“My sweet humble baby is dead”she shouted again as she rolled on the floor..that was it

Me and Kelvin bursted out laughing like crazy people

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