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Craving For Sex – Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Yes, she would much rather be hanging out with people who’s stories and opinions she’d actually like to hear, enjoying this gorgeous day and the amazing food, but she’s no fool. This is a test. A brilliant, hidden test. One that Janet absolutely intends to ace.

There are only two spots for the forty of them. She is determined to earn one.

Just as she begins to seriously consider just leaving, despite the fact that this man could literally decide her future in his company, the gorgeous hunk she was lusting after saunters up.

“Daniel! My favorite nephew, how are you? My God you’ve gotten dark and more beautiful!”

Maybe she could stay another minute or two…

This firm won’t run itself, you know! I was just telling one of this year’s interns about that time I defended Crosster a few years back. She was doing a fine job of pretending to listen to what I was saying .”

“I was listening,” Janet replies with a sweet grin. “Your uncle is a fantastic storyteller. I felt like I was there!”

Both men begin to laugh, but its good-natured, not patronizing like she had feared it would be.

“Nobody has ever been commended me for my stories.” James says, when the laughing dies down.

Indeed. He may be a brave lion, but you would never know that from hearing him outside.

“It really was a good story.” That was most people’s comment on my story.

“Tactful as well as beautiful! Your firm could use more of that, Uncle. My vote is for this one. Not that that matters much,” He says, with that rakish grin that is seducing Janet to forget why she should not sleep with him.

She feels herself getting wet just hearing him. Mmmm, and those lips, so soft and full. She wonders if he can kiss as well as he can speak. She wonders what it would be like to feel him press up against her and just kiss her, right here in front of all of these people.

“Janet. My name is Janet.” Now. “It is such an honor to be a part of this program.” There is no need thinking about that now, either. Not good. “I have loved getting to see the way a real firm handles their day-to-day business.”

“Bullshit,” Mr. Jerry says. “Tactful, yes, but there’s no way you have enjoyed fetching coffee and filing old courtroom notes for our lower-level employees. I may be susceptible to flattery, but I refuse to believe that any woman with enough ambition to listen to me tell a story could ever be satisfied with such menial work.”

“Now, Mr. Jerry,” she says with a flirty grin. “Nobody ever said anything about satisfied. I’m just happy to know what I’ll be able to ask of my intern next year!”

The almost startled tone to the laughter of the two men strokes her ego. There’s no way he won’t remember her after this.

You can stroke a man’s ego all night and that will still be all its good for, one night. Make a man laugh? He’ll ask for you again. And again and again and again. Every time.

Their laughter makes her feel more confident than she has all week. Without it she would have been unable to even think with her brain so hazy from lust. As it is, she was able to use her lust to make an impression.

With the new found confidence of Janet, she realizes that now is the time to make her exit, which is because she can’t stop staring into the hunk’s eyes.

“If you guys will excuse me, I’m feeling a bit thirsty,” she tells them with a little smile on her face.

“Of course, Ms. Martins. Help yourself to as much as you like. We can be very generous.”

Was it that he was flirting with her? Surely not, a man like him would never be so subtle. Not even in front of family.

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