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Craving For S*x – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 9]

Craving for Sex

Craving for Sex

De9jaSpirit Originals

Story Title: Craving For S*x

Episodes: 9

Category: Erotic and S*x

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Written by: Akinola Quinn


Prologue: Janet is a beautiful, young lady. She easily gets horny and this always make her think so much about her handsome boss at work and her working partner. She always imagine how good it would be to have them, not until when one of them showed her the attention she has always wanted.


Episode 1


‘Sex is something I will never have with him. I won’t. Damn! it’s a worst idea and he cannot possibly be worth it. Even if he does look very seductive. And his hair looks really soft and curly. I wonder how it would feel to slide my fingers into it and tug. Not hard, just a little. Mmmm, he is so damn hot. Such sexy golden skin. Bet it looks amazing covered in sweat.


I’m going to die like this.’ The corner of Janet’s full mouth turns up just a little at her train of thought as she nods at whatever the person in front of her just said. She ensured she put herself together. God, this guy is boring! How many drinks has he even had?


“That’s ridiculous! So what did you do?” Knowing the kinds of guys he represents, whatever the other guy had said was probably true. She’s amazed he can even look himself in the eye anymore.


She allows the rest of the conversation to fade out, nodding her head and making appropriate gasps every so often. Its a trick she learned in college working a phone sex line. Not that anybody at the company knows this. She didn’t even use her real name when she worked there. Background check my ass. Guess its not really all that important to be who you say you are when pretending to be somebody else is what they’re hiring you to do…


“My God, James,” Janet says as the fat old man finally finishes his story. “That just seems so exhilarating! I can’t wait until I finally get the chance to defend one of our clients the way you did! You are a true hero.



Anyone can be competent. With a little work, they can even be great. But nobody can work a lie like she can. Not after all the practice she got in all the things she did to pay for law school. If she had to pay to make it worth every sweaty, purvey guy she danced for, she would pay it. Happily. Over and over until she is satisfied.


She just hopes someone comes over soon so she can slip away discretely. Just because she’s willing to stroke his ego, doesn’t mean she wants to. Everybody knows the suck-up never gets the job.


She’d much rather be doing what some of the other interns are doing and hiding in a corner with some of the bottles of free booze, talking shit about clients and the stuff they have to do because nobody else wants to. But isn’t that the unofficial definition of interning?


She gets bitching about it quietly among themselves after work, but at a work function?

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