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Corper’s Lodge – Season – Episode 8

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Corper’s Lodge

Corper’s Lodge

‘Alex, what have I done to you, that you are bent on giving me heart
aches?’ Tunmi said amid tears……..I was thrown into confusion’what do
you mean Tunmi?’ I replied
It took her almost 5 minutes before she could sum up the courage to
speak……and when she did, it was too soft to hear
‘I have always loved you and easily gets jealous whenever I see you
with all these girls’ she confessed while looking at her feet
I didn’t understand what was going on anymore, after about 2 minutes I
held her to her bed and made her sit.
‘Tunmi I don’t un…… I mean I never had an idea about this……as in, you
always treat me like ……….. or was it…?’ i was really lost at this
point, cos I loved her and would always get jealous when the boys in
school try to talk to her or about her……
‘ yes lex, I love you but you never looked at me’ she said as she
placed her head on my right shoulder…..I held her and whispered to her
ears, ‘I love you too tunmininu’ she looked up at me and I couldn’t
but feel love and sorry for her as she has cried her heart out even
though she still looked extremely beautiful…. Then I kissed her again,
but this time she didn’t push me away but started responding after
some seconds….then suddenly she broke the kiss and ask me ‘alex,can I
trust you?’ she looked me in the eye before continuing ‘I don’t want
to be heartbroken, I’m ready to give you my body and everything but
you must promise not to disappoint me’ I took over a minute to ponder
on what response to give, then I said ‘Tunmi you can have me all to
yourself’ she then kissed me passionately and hard. After deep wet
kisses for several minutes, I proceeded to massage her butts and Bosom
in simultaneously exchanges, getting a series of moan from her mouth
while her eyes were deeply shut. I then moved to unbutton her shirts
and her skirt while she pushed down at my boxer’s short revealing my
long shaft….she pressed her right hand on it and held my shoulder with
the left……I played skillfully with her Tips while her pantie was
getting visibly wet from her fluids. I then made her move her hand
slowly over my shaft jerking it front and back thereby causing my hard
rod to grow harder.
After what seemed like ages, we were to get down to business when I
noticed that I couldn’t penetrate her….
‘ baby are you still a virgin?’ i said
She responded by nodding her head with her eyes tightly shut
‘please go gentle on me’ she added
After several attempts, I broke her hymen and this caused her pain as
she screamed and tears were quick to flow on her face….
After cleaning up, she went to sleep in my arms and I couldn’t but
admire her as she slept peacefully with a smile on her face……
I tried sleeping but couldn’t as a lot started running my mind……………
‘good morning sweetheart ‘ I heard from a long distance as I tried to
open my eyes *obviously I eventually slept off in my thoughts* to see
Tunmi smiling at me from the door
‘hey you’ I said as the whole episode from the night played in my head……
‘hope you slept well?’ she asked as she came to my side of the bed and
kissed my lips……..
‘yeah I did, you?’ I declared as I sat up
‘ I had a sweeeeeeet night, thanks to my baby’ she said licking her lips
‘alex what does corper Rita want?’ she said changing her face
‘corper who? Oh corper rita’ I have totally forgotten about corper
rita in the wave of all that has been happening since last night
‘ what’s with her?’
‘ she called asking of you that you ought to be at her place like now’
she replied with a questioning face
‘Oh she wanted me to come for tutorial since mum is not around and her
other corpers as well’ I said
‘hmmmn’ she rolled her eyes with an unbelievable face……
I got up from the bed and went to take my bath while Tunmi went into
the kitchen to make breakfast
To be continued…

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