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Corper’s Lodge – Season – Episode 6

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Corper’s Lodge

Corper’s Lodge

Leee……x, what are you trying to do?’ Cynthia said under moans with a
soft tone..”sweet, I’m trying to express my feelings for your soft
sweet Buttocks’ I said
‘then I guess we should consummate this union in your room’ she
suddenly said holding my face in her palms….
‘o boy, see free ticket to heaven’ I said to myself as I sheepishly
led her to my room, forgetting to lock the main access door.
Hardly were we at the door to my room when she grabbed my joystick and
pulled down my short…. ‘wow Alex so you are this endowed down there’
she exclaimed on sighting my almost 8 inches master rod. Cynthia
wasted no time in turning my joystick into a pleasure toy as she took
to her knees and started working my semi-hard rod into rock solid.
She took all the shaft down to the balls inside her mouth and
skillfully worked her tongues in circles round the tip causing
shockwaves of electricity through my body as the sensation sends
tingling feelings all through my blood.
As her mouth was moving up down the shaft in quick succession it was
making a slurpy sound that was taking me to another level of Sekxual
‘hmmmn baby, yeah, oh……..’ came my sounds of moan as she blew, chew,
lick and suck on my rod from balls to tips paying careful attention to
the hole at the tip ……..I grabbed her head and pushed the whole shaft
into her throat making her gag on the rod….
‘yeah baby, Fork my throat and Fork it real hard, Pour in my mouth and
make me your Lovepeddler……. I deserve it, pour in my throat ba-by’
these the sort of gibberish pouring out of Cynthia’s mouth in between
sessions of working her mouth on my rod…..
After about 7 minutes of sucking my Joystick, she felt me getting
turgid in her mouth getting close to break point…..then she removed my
shaft from her mouth and pushed me on the bed…. ‘baby I want to feel
you inside me….’ this she did as she saddled me and positioned my very
hard Joystick into her extremely wet Kittycat…….she started bouncing
slowly on my rod while I fondled her Bosom with my right hand and hold
her waist with my left……..
As she increase the tempo with each thrust I also changed my magic
touch from one Bosom to the other, paying careful attention to the
areolas and pinchinv lightly on the swollen Tips… she increased
her tempo to an all time high moaning loudly and speaking
incoherently, begging me to Fork her harder and faster, telling me how
much she has missed a feel of Joystick inside her in recent

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