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Corper’s Lodge – Season – Episode 5

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Corper’s Lodge

Corper’s Lodge

As I was struggling to resume the truncated sleep, I heard a knock on
the gate…Knock, knock…….
As Tunmi our househelp opens the gate, I heard a familiar voice
talking with her….I quickly jumped out of bed to ascertain my fears……
Yes as I stepped into the sitting room I met with her face and nearly
jumped out of my skin.
All my head could think of, is the dream I just woke up from…. *You
know that dream na?*
‘!!’ that was corper Rita jolting me from my thoughts.
‘ mmm oh yes ma’am’
‘what threw you into deep thoughts youngie?’
‘Oh so sorry corper rita, I just woke up’
‘mmmm…. Anyways I was told your mum is out of town for the weekend?’
‘Yes so I heard’ I said with that lost look
‘ok then, I just came to inform you that you are to come around for
your lessons tomorrow early ‘cos we have a lot to cover…….’ I sort of
saw a seductive glow in her face, but I can’t trust my judgement
‘ok ma’am……. Like how early?’
‘Can you make it for 8a.m? All the other corpers in the lodge happen
to be traveling today and early tomorrow……’
She said with an expectant waiting for my reaction before she continued…
‘so I was thinking we could study more and deal with your arrogant and
disobedience issues’
All I could do was look into her face and try to pick out her feelings
and understand her plans………….
All through that night a lot of thoughts were running through my mind
as the different expressions on corper Rita’s face were playing back
in my head
I was still thinking of how the following was going to be like when
Tunmi came to inform me that a friend of mine is in the sitting room
to see me……
‘who is it?’ I asked her
‘she said her name is Cynthia’
I was still trying to process who it was in my head, when Tunmi
informed me that she will be on her out and will return late because
she’s attending a service in church… Bla bla bla bla……
‘what is she doing here?’ was the only question I kept asking myself
as the last episode that happened between Cynthia and I played in my
‘Alex or whatever you call yourself, never in your miserable life
should you send such trashy message to me, or do you in your wildest
dreams imagine i come to your level?………’ this was Cynthia’s outburst
when I asked her out some months ago after sending her a bouquet of
***** (Back to present day)
‘hi Alex’
‘cyn-th-i-a….. How is you?’ I asked slowly
‘alex I’m sorry for the altercation we had the other day, I
shamelessly transfered aggression to you’ she apologized telling me
how she was vexed by a guy and all……
After the pleas, Cynthia came closer to and placed her head on my
shoulder…….rubbing her hands on my chest
‘ I really feel this attraction to you that I can’t explain, and I
wish we can make this work……’ Cynthia whispers softly into my ear…..
‘cyn-th-i-a, where’s this coming from?’
‘from my heart ba-by’
‘shhhhhhh……..’ she shut me up with her index finger on my lips, and
immediately followed it up with her lips….. As our lips get locked in
hot frenzy, all I could think of is the huge Buttocks on Cynthia;
which was what endeared me to her in the first place….
My hand with a mind of its own drifted to her soft Buttocks…………
To be continued …….

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