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Corper’s Lodge – Season – Episode 15 [Completed]

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Corper’s Lodge

Corper’s Lodge

As I turned and caught her eyes shut while she fingered herself
ferociously, I didn’t need an invite as I slid to her side and started
on her partial own b0s0m taking over the squeezing, knitting and
rubbing from her. She opened her eyes and smiled when she saw me on
her chest, then I felt her hand on my J0yst!ck and Rita also took over
her [email protected] from her. As myself and Rita are busy with her b0s0m and
cunt, Gina’s? left hand was working my J0yst!ck to strength while her
right was on Rita’s head.
No one was saying anything, the whole room was only filled with m0ans,
sound of [email protected] lapping and grunt. After several minutes my J0yst!ck
was roaring to go again and I didn’t waste time as I went straight to
where Rita was and she went to sit on Gina’s face for her own
[email protected] to be eaten. Gina’s cunt area was extremely creamy and wet
and as such my journey to creamland was smooth as my turgid J0yst!ck
kept pounding in and out of her wet cunt. Our Sekxual triangle kept on
going for several minutes then I felt Gina’s [email protected] contract around
my J0yst!ck as my own climax drew closer. I increased my tempo and I
heard Rita’s m0an increase as the spiral effect from my dig. With a
loud m0an from Rita cumming, Gina started vibrating and wriggling
wildly as she poured and I cummed after a few more speedy strokes. We
all collapsed together, showered and went another s£nsat!onal
triangular round before I left to go and meet my Tunmi at home where
she was waiting angrily for me at the door.
Watch out for a new series that continues my story “SENIOR YEAR”

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