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CONFUSED – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 3]



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Story Title: CONFUSED (+19)

Episodes: 3

Category: Romance

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“Oh please! Save that bull crap for those who care! Do I look like I give a damn about your God damn feelings? Get yourself out of my sight before I loose my temper woman!


“To hell with you and your temper Martins! I can’t believe I married you,I just can’t believe this was the man I shared my vows with. What on earth have I done to deserve all these humiliation Martins? Why marry me when you knew you never loved me? Oh Martins! Not only do you have the guts to bring home your sluts… You had the guts to beat me up in front of that bitch you brought home.. *crying profusely and getting sobber by each passing moment*


“Look here Jane,people do make mistakes,and getting married to you was one of my biggest mistakes. Oh yes! I married you just two years ago and I don’t love you anymore. Isn’t that enough to tell you that all I felt then were mere infatuation? No matter how you try to entice me with your sagging body,those sluts as you wish to call them are better than you, and…..

*Martins was cut short by a thunderous slap on his cheeks.. He felt his cheeks with his hands and raised his to slap Jane,but stops midway*


“Go on! Slap me back! You bastard! Beat me up like you used to! You son of a bitch! How dare you compare me with your sex machines? How dare you???!!!! Even after meeting me as a virgin? Oh God! I can’t take this anymore. Martins why are you hurting me so bad?! I have always loved you with all my heart, you used to love me Martins.. People envied our love, why? What have I done? Tell me and I will apologise.. You no longer eat my food, not to talk of touching me… You hardly give our one year old son a genuine smile…. What is happening? Our marriage is not even up to three years… (going on her knees weeping)… Martins please stop destroying me… Please Martins.. Jane pleaded amidst tears.


“As you can see, I am going out,don’t bug me.. If you are tired,you are free to move out.. Martins replied with an evil smile..heading out.


Jane suddenly stood up,wiped her tears and said.. “Really? Martins are you kidding me?


“Jane get lost if you can’t cope! Martins yelled.

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