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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Confession – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2


Only my g-string remains after you unbutton and pull them off. You have that wild look in your eyes and rip my g-string off without hesitation. Laying in the sun, completely exposed, with you stroking, licking, nibbling, and biting at my body.


You have that look of mischief on your face, therefore you’re up to something…. “Lay there,” you say as I watch you strip off your clothes. You hover above me and tell me no while I reach out…. “Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no


I’m not allowed to touch that nefarious mind of yours at all. To be safe, you decide to tie my hands behind my back…. oh no, that’s not fair… You start torturing me by gently kissing my face and lips; the only thing I can use to contact you is my tongue. I suck on your tongue, attempting to absorb as much of your flavor and essence as possible.


You break free smiling, slowly you move down my neck to my breasts… You caress them gently almost as if you were fascinated by them. My nipples are now rock hard, they ache for your attention. You pinch each of them once and then you go back to your path. I can feel your fingers dancing on my skin, feels almost like they are leaving a fire trail….l can feel your left hand on my inner thigh, You put your middle finger on my enlarged clit. All the time you watch my expression. I’m so wet, you don’t even have to touch me to know it….


I spread my legs for you as you run that finger up and down my slit… You make circles around my opening just to watch me wither… Little by little you put your finger inside of me, the feeling of it going in and out is driving me insane. You bring your hand to my lips and I suck on your fingers… You kiss my lips and travel down my body kissing and licking your way.


You place your tongue exactly where you know it is the most effective. I whimper with delight, just you blowing warm air has me moaning…. I can feel your teeth just grazing over my clit. My juices are flowing out of me and onto the blanket.


You take two of your fingers and thrust them into me. “Oh God”, faster and harder. You do the opposite that I ask for. You slow down and are so gentle, you are driving me insane with desire. Oh how I want you, all of you. You hit that spot again and I let out a sigh, and you catch it on your lips. You place your cock to my lips, as l lick the pre cum away you begin inserting it into my mouth. You taste so good, a little deeper, I almost have you all now…


You pull out of my mouth to let me suck on your balls, back to your cock again. Oh what heaven this is, I love making love outdoors.

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