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Compound Palava – Season 1 Episode 3

Compound palava
Episode 3

So it was around 9pm in the night when I locked all my neighbours in their room with a padlock. They didn’t know I had locked them. They were probably sleeping.
After my mission was complete, I went out to celebrate my victory.
I went to a provision shop to buy pepsi to join with my bread. I was returning home when I saw my land lady outside. She had just returned from the village with a village girl who had seven tribal marks on her face. This girl was looking like Ojuju calabar.
Fear gripped me.
I started seeing her as the cause of all my problems in life.
While I stared at the girl, she bent her knees and greeted me.
“Senior man good evening.”
Me senior man?
I didn’t want to talk.
I just nodded my head and turned to my land lady who was standing outside with her luggage in her hands.
I greeted her and was about to walk into the compound, when land lady called me and asked.
“Praises, you don see my husband today?”
“No o. I never see am.” I shook my head.
At that moment it occured to me that I may have locked my landlord inside the compound when I locked the compound gate.
Innocent man like him.
So my land lady continued.
“I just come back from journey and na him hold key eh. Where this man go enter na? Him no de pick him call.”
I tried to calm her down. I told her he had probably gone to watch football or maybe to drink.
Landlady asked why every door in the compound was locked with a padlock. I told her everyone had gone out.
She had wanted sleeping in the Aunty room; the same one who fries Akara. The one that has big nyash.
This was how Land lady ended up sleeping outside with her village girl.
So this morning at around 5am, everyone kept knocking the door and screaming from inside. Landlady came to wake me up but I refused to wake up.
She said ghost had started knocking from inside the house.
I waited until it was 6am.
“Praises open this door now. Open this door.” They all screamed.
Landlady asked what the problem was and I explained to her what had happened. She pleaded with me to open their doors, and promised to talk to her husband about them.
I opened the door and everybody came out except the Aunty with big nyash who refused to come out.
Landlady kept knocking on her door.
When she finally opened, landlady requested to keep her luggages inside the house until landlord comes back from where ever he went to.
Aunty big nyash refused landlady to enter her house.
Land lady vex.
She push Aunty big nyash inside the house to confront her and ask her why the sudden change of behaviour.
Lo and behold our landlord was hiding at the back of the door with wrapper and chewing stick.
How I take lock landlord for Aunty big nyash room is now a thing of question.
Na the matter we still the settle now.

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