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Coming Together – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 5]

Coming Together

Coming Together

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Story Title: Coming Together

Episodes: 5

Category: Romance

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Prologue: After so many years of our virtual conversation and flirting, I finally met the woman I have been crushing us. We both started as the one shy type, for us to get to know how close we were eventhough it wasn’t physical, but we making out made the feeling to come back once again, and then the feeling looked real.


Episode 1


The door was forced open, not wanting to cause much of distraction. I felt the cold air and the breeze, both attacking me at the same time. It was there I also noticed different kind of scent from different people….. “Wow! This is a cool place,” that was all I could say at the moment before I headed to the bar.


I sighted a stool just in front of me, I grabbed it and immediately had my sit. I started examining every face I saw in the bar, preparing to get my own chilled drink and get the hell out of the place. I almost forgot the reason why I was there as all the ‘merry’ I met got me carried away.


I sighted her, dressed in a pink gown which was glowing. She was wearing a kind of smile on her face which got me carried away. At that moment, I was so carried away that I couldn’t think of any other thing but her. Then I knew she would be the death of me.


We have known each other mostly online and we have also met innocently enough. She is the best woman I have ever known. We first started conversation, we started getting use to each other, we became close friends before wrapping it up by becoming online lovers.


We are always very surprised when we look at each other, we have been through a lot. How we fell in love was a considering factor, how ends meet, how needs grow and how we finally got to be with each other.


We both have gone to many places together. Out of all places, choosing a bar is what I considered the most weird, reason only known to her. I was overwhelmed by her beauty, it was so different compared to the body shape and taste I have always known. I was fully ready to get into work, she knows me better and all I need was for her to give me a sign.


Now, she was looking directly into my eyes, only God knows what she was looking for, but whatever it is, I’m enjoying it. We both looked at each other for some minutes before something else catced our attention.

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