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Club Knacks – Season 1 – Episode 2

Sometimes I find myself rubbing my boobs through the fabric of my dress even while in the office. Squeezing and pinching my n*pples always ensures me of a mini orgasms and I always indulge myself in this vice. Back to my story, I started fondling my boobs, squeezing and pinching the n*pples, sending electric shock through the length and breathe of my body.
I was flooding my thighs as the crotch of my G-string could not contain the p*ssy juice flowing into it. I spread my legs wider and was rewarded by a breath of air blowing on my sensitive clit and p*ssy lips as my dress had bunched above my buttocks, I was virtually naked except for the flimsy excuse of a panty I was wearing.
I dipped a finger into my unencumbered p*ssy and scooped out p*ssy juice, brought the soaked finger to my lips and licked it clean. Delicious, I thought to myself, increasing the fingers first to two and then three until I was trying to force the whole of my hand into my soaking wet p*ssy.
I was making thrusting motions, finger-f*cking myself to an orgasm that was fast approaching. I needed the release, so I increased the pressure on my snatch while seriously pinching and squeezing my boobs at the same time. I was very nearly there when I was brought back to reality by voices. I opened my closed eyes and saw two guys standing above and in front of me.
I was flustered not because of them but because I had not been allowed to reach my much needed orgasm. I looked up at them and smiled sheepishly, I was thrilled! Two guys! when all I thought I would be making do with was my hand and a dildo afterwards.
‘’Need any help?’’ the taller of the guys asked, his eyes staring at my heaving boobs and my fingers still coated in p*ssy juice on my crotch.
I just smiled as I took my soaked hand to my lips and licked each finger clean while staring at them all the while. It seemed like their eyes would fall out of their head as it bulged. The bulge in their trousers was enough to tear the thing off. It was obvious that they were aroused beyond belief.
Not surprising as it’s not every day one encounters a willing p*ssy in the car park. The other guy that had been quiet all along, got on his knees and before the blink of an eye was licking and eating my p*ssy out. I groaned as I was finally getting what I wanted, attention. The other guy proceeded to stuff his stiff cock in my mouth, I guess to stifle my moans but the noise from the club was already drowning that out so I guess it was just to give my mouth something to do. I didn’t mind where that cock was coming from as I sucked and licked for all I was worth.
It was an average sized d*ck and it didn’t take too much of an effort for me to deep throat him.

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