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Club Knacks – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 4]



A typical Friday night for me is the club, I need to unwind after a hard week of work. Monday to Friday is the usual grind of the mill period, work and work till the point of exhaustion. So, I do not compromise my weekend relaxation except it is absolutely unavoidable.This memorable weekend, I had gone to my usual hangout with two others of my girlfriends, two fellow horny bitches. We were all horny but obviously our f*ck buddies had prior engagement, so the consensus was to go clubbing, pump as much spirit and weed into our systems as possible, then settle for girl-girl loving.
Our numerous dongs, vibs and strap-ons were considered to be good alternative for hard, veiny, pulsing, blood pumping cocks. I don’t think so anyways but what’s a horny girl to do in the face of a dearth of cocks?
Anyways, this fateful Friday night, we had gone to our usual haunt in search of fun and pleasure. Usual dingy, shadowing atmosphere, the best place for owls like my friends and I. We drank, danced, smoked and generally felt high but after a time, I got bored and as horny as hell. None of the guys around showed any signs of being adventurous or what I wanted.
Of course we had enough guys making those normal signals opposite s*xes make when they want to mate but I needed adventure, someone who would totally sweep me off my feet s*xually. I wanted a predator, not those tame cats I saw skulking around me making mewling noises that they thought could pass for growls. So I decided to go outside away from all that smoke sweat from the press of several bodies.
I smelled the welcoming fresh air as I got outside to the car park. It was kind of intoxicating and made me hornier than ever before. I needed my p*ssy handled, I needed my body touched, I needed to be used. I inhaled the fresh air and moved to where I had parked my car. Thank God we brought my car, I thought to myself as I opened the driver’s door and sat but with my feet still on the floor.
I guess my dress was adding to my horny state as it was extra-ordinarily short with it barely covering my crotch and my boobs were straining against the polyester material, trying to get free. My n*pples were outlined against the stretchy material, taut and as hard as stone.
I wasn’t wearing a bra so it was easy for me to get at my boobs as all I had to do was pull down my strapless dress, which I promptly did exposing my mammoth boobs in all their glory. Not to sound vain but I love my boobs, they excite me to no ends as I love touching them, feeling their heaviness and squeezing my taut n*pples.

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