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CLEOPATRA (My Soul Mate) – Season 1 – Episode 15 [Completed]

CLEO:Whatever the truth is, I’m not interested

JADA:And you’re sure you’ll never gonna regret this?

CLEO:Lol Jada! what has happened has happened, there’s no point in regreting
*putting earpiece in her ears*

JADA:Last question: was it becoz of Reign is responsible for Kylie that’s why you broke up with him??!

CLEO:Lol Jada! let’s lack repitition…ok…the answer is ‘DAMN YES’

JADA:Sorry miss… but you’re gonna regret this

CLEO:(scoffs) whatever!


CLEO:And by the way, who’s Reign getting married to?


CLEO:Brhhhh……um…is she beautiful?

JADA:As beautiful as you, Reign chooses soo perfect!

CLEO:(in jealousy) hmmm


CLEO:Lol nothing… i just wanna know the date of their wedding

JADA:You *gat* a problem with ma bro?! huh?

CLEO:Nooo I was just asking

JADA:Next week saturday, and we are all going

CLEO:(in jealousy) wow

JADA:And you, you must look pretty being the groom’s ex

CLEO:Groom’s ex?! that really really sounds awkward.

Two days later, I thought of what Jada told me “sorry miss, you’re gonna regret this”, I shrugged it off my memory.
We went for shopping, i thought of it this way, my mind wasn’t in shopping, i only thought of Reign getting married, it like ‘killing me’, i wondered why he didn’t marry Kylie, but they have a kid, *shit* sometimes, this world is MYSTERIOUS
Jada and I did alot of shopping whereby testing all clothes and accessories we bought, well, *Rich Gals Nah* we can afford anything, i just decided to buy Mason a suit, as a gift, since he’s attending
I made a promise to myself never to be there, when Reign is gonna kiss his bride with delight
On our way going out, Jada hugged someone i’ve never seen, she’s happy hugging that person, the person must seems so special, she’s a beautiful lady with perfect curve, she winked at me and said:
“hey I’m Joanna, Reign’s wifey-to-be, and you must be Cleo, Reign’s ex, too bad, he won’t stop thinking about you”she said, i guess she’s a blabber.

The wedding day came to pass, it was as if i was the one getting botox, lol, i could feel every inch of my heartbeat sounds, i dressed in a long gold glittering gown, it sculpted out my body structure, my hips were something to die for, i straightened my brown hair, patting it at the middle, Jada dressed as beautiful as ever, Mason’s chauffeur drove us in Mason’s limousine, wow, it was great
I’m 30, for crying out loud, mom mustn’t hear I’m attending a wedding party, it sounds so embarassing
After few minutes of driving, Mason stretched out his arm for me to hold, we walk on a red carpet like we were the couples, everyone commenting here and there *wow they look good together* well actually, we’re not even dating, we got in the hall, it was glowing, like ever, i was so shy standing alone coz, Jada went to get some wine while Mason was gisting with his other friend, they item and part people were waiting for arrived, the couples, the standing ovation was romantically killing *geez*

The couples got in, i didn’t even know when tears starts to slid down my cheeks, i think i still loves Reign, he has created a vacuum in my heart what am i gonna do to replace this

All my life, i believed in love, but after that, i see love and feigned hatred, i see flowers and pretended they were not beautiful
After the party, I decided to take a stroll by the pool side, Mason said he should keep me company but i said i’m fine, i held a glass of wine in my hands, then Jada appeared in tears
ME:Hey Jada!

JADA:Cleo… Reign is having his honeymoon at New Zealand

ME:So? what do u want me to do?

JADA:I have to tell you this fast, Reign isn’t the owner of Kylie’s child, it’s mitch!

ME:What?? what do you mean?

JADA:You are wasting time you fool, i’ll tell what i mean later, but Reign has nothing to do with kylie, just go and get your true love back

ME:OMG! Jada, help me here please, what should i do?

JADA:He’s flight will be departing in the next 2hrs, RUN CLEO! RUN!


I ran out of Jada’s sight, i lifted my long gown slightly above my feet, i ran very fast and boarded a taxi
TAXI-MAN:Where m…?

ME:Airport!!! please i need to get there quick!

The Cab drove me as fast as it could, but unfortunately we met congestions, the airport is just few metres away, i ran barefooted to the airport, i got there and rested for few secs, then i ran in, i searched everywhere but couldn’t find Reign, i felt weak, and sat on a seat, my shoulders were down, i sobbed bitterly, then i heard a sweet familiar voice
“miss?”the voice said, only to turn back and it was Reign, i ran towards him and kissed him passionatel, i didn’t care about he’s a newly wed, he grabbed me more and kissed me deeply, then finally we stopped
“i expected more of that”he said and kissed me more
Joanna is probably going crazy, thanks to Jada, thanks to everyone.


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