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Clashes Between Powers – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7


After they left the palace, they went to their various lodges.

Hassan and Folakemi went to the Local Government Secretariat for their Community Development Scheme (CDS) meeting with other corp members. Ike had his own the day before.

Their LGI, Mrs. Chike, was very much happy when she heard about what God was doing through them. She encouraged them to continue to serve God as well as watch very carefully, so as to finish well.

Meanwhile, Ike was in class that day when one of the king’s guard came in a haste to call him.

“Please, Corper, the king demands your presence right now…” The guard said.

“Hope all is well?” Ike said as he prepares himself to follow the guard.

When they came to the palace, they met the elders.

The queen ran to meet Ike crying.

“Please ma, what happened? Why are you crying?” Ike asked her.

She took Ike to the king’s room.

“Blood of Jesus!” Ike shouted when he saw the king lying down with his body covered with sores.

“How did this happen?” Ike asked the queen.

“It was last night. He woke up shouting and begging an unseen personality not to beat him up. It seems he was beaten heavily…” The queen said crying.

“My God! This is strange….” Ike said.

“Ahhhhhh….they have come again. Please, don’t kill me. Please… Ahhhhhh…” The king shouted.

“Please, corper do something…. please” the queen pleaded.

The elders ran into the room when the king shouted.

Ike swung into prayers immediately.

“Strangers shall hear my voice and vanish away. I take authority over this place right now. I rebuke every forces of darkness operating here…” Ike started in prayers.

“Ahhhhhh….huuuuu…. Ewooooo…. please….Ahhhh…” The king screamed.

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all you unseen forces to cease the torment of this man right now….” Ike said.

Thery was momentary silence.

“Ah…thank God, they have gone…” One of the elders said.

“No. They are still around…” Ike objected.

“I cast you all out of here right now. Get out in Jesus name. I rebuke your holds on the king’s life. Loose him and let him go in the mighty name of Jesus….” Ike shouted.

There was strange noises everywhere. The window over the king’s bed opened and it was as if there was a stampede in the room.

“Get out in Jesus name” Ike commanded again.

The noise increased.

The elders ran away because of fear.

The queen screamed in fear and ran away too leaving only Ike and the king.

After some few minutes, the elders came to peep and know what was happening.

They saw Ike with the king seated.

“My king, those people you saw were sent from the chief priest to torment you. This was because of the decree you made against the sacrifice of twins in this village…..” Ike said.

“Ah….the chief priest!…. When will this man leave us alone….?” The king lamented.

“Chaiiiiii! This is strange!” The Onowu exclaimed.

“My king, they will be coming back!” Ike said abruptly.

“Chineke!” One of the elders shouted.

“No…. They must not come back. Please, what can we do to drive them away….? Anything…we are ready to do it?” The queen pleaded.

“Everyone in this house must submit themselves to Jesus Christ. He was the one that delivered the king from being killed by those people” Ike said.

“We are ready. Guards!…” The queen shouted as she went to the courtyards.

“Gather everybody into this palace right now …” She ordered.

They all came into the palace.

Ike preached Jesus Christ to them. He told them who CHRIST is and how he suffered and died for the salvation of mankind. He also spoke of the power of Jesus Christ to deliver them all from sin, sicknesses, Satan and all forces of Darkness.

They all gave him their attention. At the end, he led them all to Jesus Christ.

They were happy and very glad.

“So, what next?” The king asked.

“My king, if it would be possible, I would love to start a fellowship here in this palace. I discovered that there is no church in this age-wife/”>village where this our Great God can be worshipped…” Ike humbly said.

“That’s not a problem. I agree to what you said. Anytime you are free, you can always come with your other corp members to start. Also, I will make sure a church is built in this village. Just mention anywhere you want it to be located…..” The king said smiling.

Ike prayed for them.

The Onowu drew near to the king and whispered into his ears.

“Ahhhhhh… It’s true oooo….” The king shouted.

“What’s the challenge, my king…?” Ike asked looking surprised.

“Please, where are your other colleagues….?” The king asked him.

“They went to the Local Government Secretariat for a meeting. They won’t be back till later in the day due to the distance from that place to the village…” Ike replied.

“Heyyyy…. I should have told you people since….” The king lamented.

“What, my king?” Ike asked.

“Today is a day dedicated by our fore fathers for the spirits to visit the village. They always come once in every year, especially any market day that falls into the half of the year. This was due to the covenant our fore fathers made with their ancestors to protect our land from evil. So, they visit the land once in every half of the year. Nobody is expected to be at the farm or bushes when it’s 3pm. Any defaulters would be embarrassed by the spirits that passes through the farms to the village….” The Onowu said.

“Hmmmmmmm…but, if you people could defy the visit of Ogugu on your arrival to this village… then, I believe we are going to hear another thrilling testimony from your colleagues when they arrived…..” The king said.

“I believe God will deliver them, my king. He surely will….” Ike said confidently and left the palace.

After he closed from the school, he planned to pray until his friends arrived.
It was now 2:30pm, Folakemi and Hassan just arrived at the park.

They couldn’t see any bus going to Ugala, but a taxi man opted to take them to the border of the village.

It took them 30minutes to get there.

After they alighted from the taxi, they walked to the village, passing through a bush path.

It was already 3:00pm.

“Jesus….! Hassan, did you see that shadow that passed us just now?” Folakemi said.

“Shadow? In the afternoon? Without any figure? Oh .. maybe it’s the birds that are flying up in the sky….” Hassan said.

“Who are these people? What are they doing on our path?” A voice said.

Hassan and Folakemi were frightened.

“They are corpers. Can’t you see their shirts….” Another voice said.

The grasses moved.

The corpers ran.

There was a great laughter that echoed in the bush.

“Who is talking? Hassan…” Folakemi said with fear after they got to a particular place.

“I don’t know…. This is strange…!” Hassan replied.

They about five different shadows coming towards them.

Fear gripped the two corpers.

“Hassan, we have to pray ooo…” Folakemi exclaimed fearfully.

They started to pray out aloud.

“He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty….” Hassan said, quoting Psalm 91 as they walked down the bush path.

An unusual boldness and strength came upon them.

“What are they saying?” A voice spoke out.

“Thou we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we shall fear no evil. For God is with us….” Folakemi said.

“They are speaking nonsense…” Another voice said.

The shadow reduced to three.

“We cover ourselves with the Blood of Jesus…” Hassan shouted.

At that statement, there was great panic among the shadows. This was seen by the way the grasses were moving.

“Let’s get out of here fast. There’s fire burning. I can’t stand this heat…” One of the shadows said.

Folakemi and Hassan were now closed to the school. They ran as fast as their legs could carry them into the school compound and into their various lodges and shut their doors.

It was a strange encounter, but what they were about to experience that night, would be even more strange.

Let’s watch out….

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