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Clashes Between Powers – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6


The corp members were led out of the bush into the age-wife/”>Village by Nnamdi.

They went to the residence of the principal of the school to report. He was very happy when he saw them and warmly welcomed them.

The news of what happened at the forest spread like wild fire all over the village. The king and all the elders of the land were very proud of the Corp members. They were greatly respected by everyone in the village. Even their students were not left out.

The chief priest came out of the cave with boys expecting to see the roasted flesh of the Corp members, but was disappointed when he couldn’t find them.

“Those miscreants has taken them away…” He said angrily.

“I will deal with them. By the time I am through with them, they will regret ever daring me, the Chief priest of the great Ogugu…” He said and went inside.

Due to what God did through the corp members, it made it very easy for them to relate well with the villagers, thus, preaching to them an easy task. They spoke to the students about Jesus Christ and organized them for prayers, especially during the break periods and other special days.

Folakemi was gifted with faith, Ikechukwu was a ardent evangelist while Hassan was one who understands the mind of God, a prophet.

They were invited to the palace on a particular day. When they got there, they met all the elders of the age-wife/”>village seated alongside the king, the queen and all the guards.

“Igweeeeee” they all greeted cautiously.

“Thank you. You can have your seat” the king said.

He cleared his throat and continued.

“I and the entire people of Ugala Kingdom, thank the gods of our land for sending you here at such a time like this. Your ability to withstand the great Ogugu and his chief priest is highly commended. Hope you are enjoying your stay here?” He said smiling.

“My king, we thank our God. He is the one who made the Heaven and the Earth. He is greater than all gods in all land. His name is Jehovah. By the power of His Son, Jesus Christ, have we been able to do whatever you have heard. Our stay here also, has been a wonderful one. In fact, the people have been greatly accommodating….” Hassan said. He wanted to continue but was interrupted by a guard who rushed into the palace.

“Igweeeeeee….. There’s an abomination in the land. Mazi Uche’s wife has just delivered, and she delivered twins…” The guard said.

“Tufiakwa….. abomination!” One of the elders, who was the Onowu (King maker) said.

“Chaiiiiii! Mazi Uche’s wife! Ahhhhhh….. This is a terrible news! After 10years of marriage, their first issue was a twins!
Chaiiiiii…..may this bad luck be to our enemies…..” Another elder said.

“Wait…. please, my king, why the regret? She has given birth. It’s a joyful news and not an abomination….” Folakemi objected.

“Corper…. according to the tradition of our kingdom, it is only animals that gives birth to more than one at a time. This thing is an abomination and can bring great curse to the land….” The Onuwu said.

“Ahhhhhh….my king, no….this is not true. We have people that do give birth to 3, 6, 8 children at once during delivery. These children grow up to become well and healthy. Please, my king, don’t see this thing as an abomination….” Folakemi pleaded again.

They were all looking at the corp members strangely.

“My king, and elders, God is the giver of children. What happened was His blessings. I think we have to consider this thing, my king…” Hassan said as he begged the council.

“Our customs can’t be changed! It has been for years even before we were born…..” One of the elders said.

“But these customs were made by men. It can be changed for the good of these people, my king….” Ike said.

“Hmmmmmmm…. please, can you all excuse us…” The king commanded.

The corp members were led out of the palace by the palace guards.

“This is unfair. A woman who has been barren for 10yrs, now has been favoured by God. Ah….they want to take the babies from her? No….never! This can’t happen. Brothers, please, let us pray… please… I can’t stand this… please….” Folakemi said as she cried.

They went to a corner and began praying.

Meanwhile, in the palace, the king was discussing with the elders.

“Elders of our land, what do we do?” The king said.

“Igwe… There’s nothing to be done, than take the curse away from the land…” The Onowu said.

“Igwe… Remember, we have to do this before night falls…” Another said.

“Yes, Igwe…. The babies must be taken to the Chief Priest alongside other requirements for the sacrifice before night falls, else evil will spread the land….” The Onowu said.

“The chief priest? Never! I can’t see that wicked man!…” The king said suddenly.

“Igwe…. You know the consequences of neglecting the custom of our land!…” The Onowu said.

“This custom against giving birth to twins has to change…” One of the elders, Mazi Chinomso said. His wife has given birth to twins two times and they have been killed. This has made him hate the killing of twins.

“Mazi Chinomso, sit down! I said, sit down there!” Another said.

“Don’t tell him to sit down, Mazi Okoro. Let him speak. As for me, I am tired of this custom. We keep killing children born in this kingdom all because of a custom made by Blood s—–g demons…..” An elderly man among them said.

A hot argument started among the elders on this issue. Some supported the Onowu, others who have become tired of the act of twins sacrifice, saw an opportunity to oppose it and they indeed gave their voice against it.

The queen came close to whisper in the ears of the king.

“My king, I’m feeling very bad concerning killing the twins. Please, let’s save them alive….”

“My council of elders, we will not kill the twins. And I decree from this day forward, against killing of twins in this kingdom! I have spoken!” The king said.

Outside the palace, the corp members were praying passionately. Folakemi was crying and praying.

One of the guards came and tapped Hassan, informing him that the king calls for them.

They stopped the prayers and went inside the palace.

“Our wonderful corpers, I have spoken… There shall be no killing of twins from this day forward….” The king said.

The corp members jumped up with joy at the news.

There was also joy in the age-wife/”>village at that news, but when the chief priest heard of it, he vowed to destroy the king.

Never play with the power of prayer!

Watch out for episode 7….

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