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Clashes Between Powers – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5


When Ogugu ran inside, the chief priest was surprised.

“No oooo…. No… No… This can’t be! Who is responsible for this abomination? Who dares the great Ogugu?” The chief priest shouted angrily.

He made some incantations on his mirror and the three corp members appeared. They were praying as they walked the street of the village.

“Oh, they have come again! So, they have come to revenge for the blood of their colleagues… Hmmmmmmm” the chief priest said as he looked into the sky.

“We shall see!” He said and went inside the cave to give Ogugu the report.

The king, during that time, sat in his palace. He heard the sound of the thunder as well as the storm. He also saw the sky when in was gathering the dark cloud, but when the sun’s rays began to prevail against the cloud, he was surprised.

“What is happening? This has never been?” He exclaimed as he called his wife, the queen and all his household to behold what was happening.

“My king, I saw it too in my room. This has never been in this village. Something unusual is happening out there…” The Queen responded.

“Guards!” The king called out.

About three of the guards came close.

“You must go out there and check what just happened…” The king said.

The chief guard came and bowed down and said.

“Igwe…You know I’ve never disobeyed your orders. What is happening outside maybe the trick of Ogugu in order to destroy more lives today. Remember, Igwe, how he delayed his tour some time ago, when he was supposed to come out by 10pm but came out by 2am. This led to the death of Umudike’s daughter who ignorantly came out without knowing Ogugu was outside that early hours of the day…. So, my king, if you’ll be patient with your guards, we will find out the root of this mystery…”

“My king, I think you should listen to him. I don’t want us to lose any of our guards to that demon….” The queen said defending the chief guard’s statement.

“Okay, let’s wait then. You may go…” The king said and dismissed the guards.

He sat down and was thinking deeply about what happened…”this had never happened before. How come?” He said to himself and went inside.

The corp members, after the whole incidence, went to the school. The place was empty. They went into one of the classes to pray and then rest.

The whole villagers were surprised when they saw a clear and sunny day shortly after the wind and the storm. There was no rain nor darkness.

“What happened? Hope this wicked man is not trying to play on us again like he did last time which led to the death of Kelechi’s sister, Chiamaka” Amadi, the leader of the age-wife/”>Village warriors said.

“Let’s go and find out, ourselves” another warrior said.

“You are foolish. So, you want to die, isn’t it? Okay.. Go… I will be here waiting to hear your scream just like I heard Chiamaka’s” Amadi said.

“I will go…. whatever that want to happen should happen!” The young warrior said and went outside.

The whole place was quiet as he walked down the village. He spotted from afar the corp members as they entered the school compound. He ran down to meet them.

“Corpers…. Corpers… Good afternoon…” He said when he entered the class. They had just finished their prayers and were about to relax when he saw them.

“Good afternoon sir” Hassan responded.

“Wait….did you people witness what happened just now in the village? You were not supposed to have been alive, seeing that wicked man!” The young warrior whose name was Nnamdi said.

Hassan explained all that happened to him.

“Chineke! You mean what you just told me now?” Nnamdi exclaimed.

“Yes sir. As you can see the sun is still shining. So, no mysterious darkness is permitted in this age-wife/”>village from today. Jesus is the light of the world, and we carry Him within us” Ike said.

While they were talking, the boys of the chief priest came up on them immediately.

“You are all wanted in the Shrine of Ogugu right now…”! One of them said.

“Heyyyy…. Ahhhhhh….” Nnamdi exclaimed again.

The corp members were carried away by the boys. They passed through a bush path to avoid embarrassment from the villagers.

Nnamdi ran quickly to inform Amadi and the other warriors about what he heard.

Amadi, on hearing this, went straight to the king’s palace to give him the news.

“Do you mean what you just said now?” The king asked hastily.

“Yes, my king. Nnamdi was there. He saw the corpers as well as the chief priest boys who came to carry them away.

“Okay….gather your boys and pursue them right now. You
may be able to catch up with them before they get to the shrine” the king ordered Amadi.

Amadi ran as fast as his legs could carry him and sound the horn of war. The whole warriors came out. He told them everything.

They all ran into the bush in search for the corpers and the chief priest’s boys.

By the time they located the boys, they were already with the chief Priest.

“Nobody is permitted into this sacred shrine except when invited. The goat makes a mistake paying the hungry lion a courtesy visit, how much more when it stage a fight with it?” The chief priest said when he saw the warriors.

“Chief Priest, by the order of the king, we command you to release these corpers, right now!” Amadi said.

“Whaaaat! Let the tongue from which you utter those rubbish cleave to the rough of your mouth right now!” The priest said.

Immediately, Amadi became dumb.

“Heyyyyy” All the warriors shouted and shifted backwards.

“Be loosed in Jesus name…” Folakemi shouted.

Amadi became normal.

“I refused you all to see the sun light!” The chief Priest spoke out again.

They all went blind immediately. There was great screaming and shouting among them.

“Receive your sight in Jesus name” Folakemi said again.

Their sight were restored.

“Woman! Who gave you that audacity to loose those I have bound?” The chief priest said as he pointed his staff at Folakemi.

“For this is what the Lord said, behold, I have given unto you powers to thred on serpents and scorpions and on all the powers of the enemies. And nothing shall by any means hurt us!” Folakemi responded.

The chief priest laughed out loud, as well as his boys.

All the warriors were watching.

“Let’s see about that!”

He diabolically started a huge fire.

“Boys, throw them all into the fire. Their roasted flesh will be fed to Ogugu today!” The chief priest commanded.

“Ewooooo….” Nnamdi exclaimed.

All the warriors shifted backwards more.

“We will walk into the fire but it shall not consume us!” Hassan said, although, frightened by the huge flame.

They held their hands and walked into the flame”

The boys and the chief priest went into the cave.

All the warriors sat on the ground and began to mourn and cry.

“Ahhhhhh.. this is terrible. Why…. Why has this happened? When shall we be free from this bondage…?” Amadi said as he cried out.

“Wait oooo…. Aren’t we supposed to perceive the smell of roasted flesh?” Nnamdi said.

“Yes…. Wait, let me draw closer…” Amadi said.

They drew near the flame….

“Chineke m’ ooo” Amadi shouted.

“What happened?” All of the warriors were asking.

The corp members stepped out of the fire. They were looking strong. No burnt bodies, just the rope they were tied with that got burnt.

“Whaaaat!” Nnamdi exclaimed.

Some of the warriors, including Amadi, picked up their weapons and ran away due to fear. Only Nnamdi stayed behind.

He observed them seriously, then he knelt down and started to cry.

“Don’t cry. We serve the God of heaven and Earth. He is the one who has delivered us and he has sent us to deliver this village from the evil that has been going on in it…” Hassan said.

They preached to Nnamdi and led him to Christ right there in front of the cave near the burning fire.

Nnamdi led them out of that place to the village.

Tell me, my friend, DO YOU KNOW YOUR GOD?

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